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I want to be her only extramarital lover but of course, that’s not my decision to make.
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I probably should apologize for that, but your wife and I came to this “place” honestly.
How the two of you manage your desires will be something the two of you will need to manage somehow.
It’s above my pay grade so to speak. Asiatique sexy video histoire.
What surprised me probably the most is when and how your Audrey offered me her ass.
From your reaction I think it caught you unawares as well.
None of us had discussed ass play as a possibility but in our emails and chats over the months between Audrey and me, the subject came up. Ice cube insertion porno tube.
I don’t remember how we got onto that particular subject but Audrey had said something to the effect of being a little afraid of anal intercourse because she couldn’t control how one of the partners you chose for her might behave.

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Also, she was concerned that you might insist on her doing it for you afterwards and the difficulty of saying no to you if in fact she didn’t like it.
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The internet connection went latent (fate?) and I called your wife on the phone.
Audrey and I evolved into the fantasy and unintentionally, the conversation morphed into phone sex.
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