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The big lips had gotten very fat.
I just sucked them into my mouth and stuck my tongue into the cavity deeply. Gapping pussy porn.
She was writhing around and moaning again.
This was good! My tongue went in and out while she pushed her whole pelvis back and forth, moaning all the while.
I sucked and started to hum.
I hummed a buzzing sound that seemed to resonate inside her pussy. Looking to suck dick now bigger the better.
Then she had another convulsion and kicked her legs so hard that she almost knocked me off the bed.
The taste of her cunt was something quite unique, somewhere between nuts and moss.
Something from the ocean that I’ve never forgotten to this day.

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This time she gushed buckets of juice, almost as if she were peeing, but it tasted like seafood, reminding me of seaweed.
I was hooked.
I learned that what stuck out of her pussy was her clit.
Big as a large bug and wired right into her orgasm center. Redhead tits swinging.
She then brought her huge tits on top of me, hanging their great softness right in my face.
She put her hands around my face and held it.
Then she put her tongue on my lips and gave them a slow wet swipe with her tongue. Full lenght free shemale pantyhose movies.
I could feel my hard cock pressed under her soft belly while she explored my mouth with her tongue.
She pushed her tongue in and licked mine like she was getting ready to eat it.
Then she took it out.
I craved it more. Shy ex.
I started to suck hers as well.

We were having a wrestling match of saliva, tongues, mouths, and intense lust.
Just having that big wet soft thing sucking at me and in me made me want to cum again.
She sat up suddenly. Captain jack sparrow nude.
Was it over? Oh no! She reached over and got a string of little foil packets.
Rubbers! She said, “Watch carefully”.
Using her teeth, she tore open one of the little packets and took out a circular roll of rubber. Broken heart dating site.
Then she leaned way over me and took my purple penis, still stiff as a pole, in her mouth! She slid it into her throat, paused for a second, and then withdrew leaving it flooded with saliva, and on fire. Old andyoung lesbian nudes.

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