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Arthur ran his finger down each of her lips, gathering her juices as he did.
He opened her legs slightly and began to move down to her opening.
“Wait,” she said, “Stop.
” She pushed Arthur slightly, making him lie back on the bed. Extreme gagging deepthroat.
She looked him in the eyes as she pulled his rags down.
His cock sprung up, smacking her in the face slightly as it swung from side to side.
Her eyes opened wide as she watched it for a few seconds.
She grasped it firmly, admiring the size. Wife shows pussy at poker party.
It had to be over ten inches long and countless inches thick.
With a slightly puzzled look on her face, she stretched her tongue out towards the humongous cock she had just uncovered.
Arthur groaned slightly as he felt her tongue rub against the eye of his manhood. Bottom hole assembly component.

Lindsay’s tongue licked it thoroughly, spreading his salty precum all over her taste buds.
She opened her mouth wide and started to force his head into her mouth.
“Tight squeeze,” Arthur laughed as she just about managed the head. Nude girls in madagascar.
She started to lick all around his helmet, coating it in her saliva as he watched.
More and more precum started to pour out of his cock into her throat as she sucked the only part she could.
Arthur continued to groan in pleasure as Lindsay moved one of her hands to his swollen testicles. Kisaa_mrr free gay web chat.
She started to gently squeeze and caress them in her fingers whilst her other hand moved to her sweet, little pussy.
She started to quickly rub her rosebud, as she removed his cock from her mouth.
Almost gasping for breath, Lindsay started to kiss and lick all around the rest of his shaft as he lay there, enjoying every passing moment.

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Her tongue felt delicate as it slid down the length of his cock before brushing against his balls.
She carried on doing this for a few minutes until her saliva was running off his cock like a river.
She then started to climb onto his body, his hands greeting her hips as she looked him in the eyes once more. American dating personals online datinf.
She reached for his cock and led it up to her entrance.
A few deep breaths left her mouth as the tip rubbed against her lower lips.
Slowly, she began to push her hips back, letting his cock spread her pussy wide open. Cock kokomo dick smoker.
“Fuck!” She yelled as more of his cock penetrated her.
She carried on impaling herself on him until roughly half of his manhood was inside her.
Arthur just groaned as he lifted her skirt up.

Just seeing the sight of his meat buried inside her sent him wild. Pretty girls with bikinis and nipples.
He then started to pull her back up, making her let out a sigh of relief, before pushing her back down onto his cock.
Arthur had waited a long time for this and he wasn’t going to let it be over quickly. Lonely tampa women.
Lindsay placed her hands on his chest and begun to push herself up and down in rhythm to him.
She screamed loudly as his girth stretched her hole more and more with each trip up and down his length.
Arthur started to pull her skirt up once again, watching as his cock disappeared between her legs then reappeared a few seconds later covered in her juices. Levisham www pornolaiv gratis.
His eyes then looked up to her breasts, which were partly concealed by her golden hair, firmly bouncing in time with the impact of his cock meeting her cervix.

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