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Panting for air, I refused to take my cock from her afterwards; my arousal was so intense and complete that my cock remained miraculously hard despite my ejaculation.
Instead, I stared deep into her big beautiful eyes and her sweet face, trying to reconcile the angelic features beneath me with the stench of sex assaulting my nostrils. Blonde cum facial cumshot.
“That was amazing! I’ve never cum so hard in my life!” I eventually gasped.
I knew Claire hadn’t climaxed and deep down worried that her young lover’s skills in bed might have spoiled her for me now, but I didn’t dare say a word. Married girls blackpool for sex.
“Was it… what you wanted?” Claire asked me, her voice quiet and uncertain.
In reply, I silently began to slide in and out of her body again, penetrating easily the hot, soggy mess that was her loose vagina, thrusting into her smoothly and deeply.

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Having already cum once, I lasted a lot longer the second time, building up my thrusting carefully so as not to hurt her sore vulva.
It felt as if her whole body was opening up for me, her legs splayed outrageously wide; her arms around my waist or on my buttocks. Hot wifes in mahanoy city pa..
And my thrusting grew more forceful again.
My mouth found hers as I pummeled her body, then found her neck and bit into her skin, sucking it hard into my mouth as if trying to mark her indelibly as mine. Free bisexual surprise tubes.
I felt her body dilate, all resistance now gone and I thrust harder still until finally I was fucking her as violently as I could, my body slamming into hers over and over.
Sweat fell from my forehead onto her face and chest as she writhed and moaned under me until finally she did reach a choking, almost silent, wide-eyed climax along with my own painful second cumming and we both collapsed exhausted on the crispy, stained sheets before falling asleep, naked and sweaty.

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In the morning – Sunday – we were woken by the sound of cartoons on the TV in the lounge.
Claire slid close up to me in our disorganised, semen-encrusted bed.
“Are you okay?” she whispered.
I nodded.
“No regrets, I hope? Diaper time spank. It’s too late to change your mind now!” she told me quietly.