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To everybody’s surprise, a crescent of the sun has risen.
We have caught a partial solar eclipse on the day of our hike.
Melissa felt compelled to kiss me on the lips for the first time; this caught me off-guard. Sexy girl big boob job naked pics.
The hike was grueling, in hot and humid conditions.
We took and clarified our water at every available opportunity.
By far, this was the most physically demanding day I’d been through.
By far, it was the most rewarding day too. Amateur sex webcam.
I got to see a part of the country that very few people get to see.
That evening, we set up camp a few miles inland.

It was on a cliff top, overlooking a waterfall.
The area was wooded, but safe from anything that would harm people. Sex for woman.
I was exhausted, and so was Melissa.
At bedtime I climbed into the tent with Melissa.
Simon shared his tent with a boyfriend that we found for him.
They have been together for a few months and their relationship is flourishing. Interracial tracy chat.
In our tent, a hot and genuinely sexy Melissa put her arm around me.
We snuggled for a while and then she got some ideas.
Her hand explored my lower regions, first through my clothing then skin-to-skin.
I didn’t make anything of it, as that was her normal routine.

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I didn’t return the favor of running my fingers through her labia.
She exposed my genitals as she usually did.
She got me hard in the practiced manner and I settled in for a goodnight hand-job.
Melissa went a step further by getting me to fondle her breasts. Fat cells to fill a dick.
I wasn’t a breast man, but I complied with her requests.
Once she thought that she was sufficiently aroused, she got completely naked.

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