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I’m gonna cum!’ I think to myself.
I lean my head back against James’ massive chest, tilting my head to the side to kiss him as John continues lapping at my now dripping pussy.
Then it happens, wave after wonderful wave of exquisite pleasure rush through my body.
“Oh Fuck!” I groan into James’ mouth. Japanese uehara ai gangbang.
John stands up, licking his lips.
“You taste wonderful,” He tells me, “like peaches and cream.
” I smile, grabbing his face I kiss him.
I taste my pussy on his lips and tongue.
He takes me by the hips, lifts me up, and wraps my legs around his waist. Uk hairy amateur.
The broad head of his nine inch cock pressing at the slick opening.

All at once, in one hard thrust, he buries himself to the hilt.
I cry out as another orgasm takes over my body.
He starts to thrust slowly. Aelisia arab porno webcam.
I wonder to myself where James had gone.
Then I feel his soft, moist tongue.
rimming my asshole.
It is a new sensation for me, I have never had anyone do this.
I shudder as I feel a finger replace his tongue. Odessa sex chat.
Gently massaging, then pushing a little.
My puckered little hole opens for him, taking his finger to the first knuckle.
“Ohhh,” I moan softly, enjoying the feel of his thick finger probing me.

He starts to move it in and out at the same rhythm as John’s slow thrusting. Jerkoff porn.
Soon, he has two fingers inside my tight ass.
As soon as I feel him remove his fingers, I feel the head of his thick cock softly pushing at my waiting hole.
Slowly, little by little he pushes, stretching me to accommodate his girth. Webcam ass porn.
I feel a gentle ‘POP’ as the head is completely inside me.