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“Fuck,” he exclaimed, and as I resumed rubbing my clit, he began to rub his hard cock through his pants.
I kept rubbing, occasionally sliding my finger down between my cameltoe and back up.
I was getting wet, and I looked down to see if it was showing. Mister_nikki naked women free chat.
It was and Daddy’s eyes were glued to it.
Pinching the fabric tighter, I allowed him to see that I was bald under my panties.
I shaved that morning just for him.
As I showed him a preview of the skin around my pussy, he undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and slid them down to reveal plaid boxers. Sexy webcam no signup.

Opening the seam, he released his thick daddy dick, the fattest one I’ve ever seen.
“Oh Daddy!” I moaned as I began to rub myself harder, watching as he slowly stroked his big cock.
I bit my bottom lip, imagining how good it would feel to ride it. Free no sign up no registration naked sex chat.
Or even suck it.
But I knew if I so much as reached for it he would back away.
He was adamant that he wouldn’t cheat on his wife.
No touching.
I pulled my panties to the side, revealing my shiny pussy lips and touching my fingers to my clit. Random video chat with japanese on phone.
My moans began to build when Daddy interrupted.

“Cover up your pussy, baby girl.
I want to see you cum through your panties.
” I slid my panties back over my vagina and resumed rubbing my clit fast through the fabric. Cagliari woman sexy free.
Moaning and grinding, I lifted my legs and rested my feet on Daddy’s thighs, watching him to see if this was okay.
He didn’t object.
My breathing became heavy and I began to tremble as I brought myself to orgasm, staring into Daddy’s eyes and watching them dart down to see my wet spot grow as I filled my panties with my juices. Lovelysquirt free video chat without registration.