I pulled into the driveway and my son quipped, “Let’s go continue our very special prom.
” Frederick joked, “You make it sound like some made for TV after school special.
” “Well it will be special,” I added, my tone dripping with sexual innuendo.
“Promises, promises,” Michael quipped. Mommy blows son.
As I opened my car door, I winked subtly to Frederick, “It has already been a special night hasn’t it, Frederick?” Frederick’s face again went tomato red as he stammered, “Y-y-yes, Ms.
” Standing outside, I moved to Frederick and whispered, “Frederick please call me Betty especially after all we have been through.
” I slyly squeezed his cock quickly before entering the house.

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Frederick stood paralyzed as Michael opened the front door for me like a gentleman.
Once in the house, I went to the kitchen and poured three glasses of wine, just as a still stunned Frederick joined Michael and I. Constitutional amendment gay marriage 31 states.
I walked over to the bewildered horny teenager and handed him a drink.
Grabbing mine, as Michael grabbed his, I said, “A toast to a prom to remember.
” They both agreed and Frederick drank almost the whole glass.

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I asked, “So what are you two sexy studs going to do now?” “Probably play some Call of Duty,” Michael shrugged.
“Well go play while I get you sexy studs some snacks,” I suggested.
The boys left and I made a big plate of appetizers as the set-up continued. Teen fucks dildo on wall masturbation.
I joined the boys in the living room and like I had before I made sure to bend directly on front of Frederick so he got a good view of my cleavage.
“Shit Frederick, what you doing?” Michael asked even though he knew exactly what his friend was doing, staring at his mother’s tits.
“W-w-what?” Frederick stammered, turning back to the game to see that he had been killed.
“Sorry, sexy,” I shrugged, and asked, “Since you’re dead could you be a dear and unbuckle my shoes, my feet are killing me.
” “S-s-sure,” the adorably out of his league boy stammered, as I lifted my foot onto the coffee table.
“Mom move your ass, it is in my way,” Michael said. Largest internal cumshot video.

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