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I bucked and thrashed, pitched and rolled as my orgasm slammed into me like a Mack truck.
A second orgasm ripped through me as Kelli continued pounding me with her fuckstick.
Finally I screamed, “No more. Friends fiends porno.
please, no more.
” Thankfully Kelli took pity on me and stopped.
I lay panting and moaning and shaking uncontrollably.
I was still on another planet when I felt Kelli’s fingers reach into my pussy and scoop out a sloppy load of juice. Country songs about dating.
She then put her fingers in her mouth, tasting my juices as I lay there still leaking them out.
“Mmm,” she said as, through lust-blurred eyes, I watched her licking her fingers clean.

She shoved them deep inside me again as I moaned softly and gave me a taste of myself as well. Lowell sex online.
I was slumping down, worn out from her monumental fucking.
I couldn’t even hold my head straight as Kelli lay down next to me.
She cuddled close, holding me as I came back to reality.
“Thank you, Kelli,” I said weakly.
” she said quietly, brushing my sweat matted hair from my face.
“Just rest, baby. Shemale gfe fucks.
we’ve got all night to play.
” Molly had been busy with a full diary of clients at the gym, which had left her curvy body aching.

As she walked through her flat she began peeling her sweaty gym kit off, throwing it into the laundry basket. Black white woman prison domination lezlove.
She caught sight of herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom and admired her own body.
She had worked hard to achieve the toned booty and defined body, topped with her large 36d breasts.
Her Lycra panties hugged the curves of her ass and her breasts strained her practical but sexy sports bra. Nastyebony local live sex cams.