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Initially, he felt me on the outside of my dress.
But he quickly slipped his hand down my cleavage and teased my erect nipple.
“Oh, I’m cumming,” I hissed and bucked my hips wildly.
Then Ricardo grunted and groaned and stiffened. Woman looking sex belleville.
While pulling on my erect nipple, he shuddered and shook right next to me.
It took me a moment to realize what had happened, but then it hit me.
This inexperienced, young man just ejaculated in his pants from the excitement of watching my orgasm.

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I don’t think I’d ever been so flattered.
Panting, I looked up at Alfredo and said, “I think Ricardo and I are both done now.
” I turned to Ricardo and said, “Please turn that off.
” I looked down at the wet spot forming in the front of his trousers and smiled, “Did what I think happened, just happen?” Sheepishly, he nodded and mumble, “Uh huh, I couldn’t help it.
” “Well neither could I.

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And I’m flattered.
” “I need to go to the rest room and clean up,” he said with obvious embarrassment.
And Ricardo made a hasty exit.
As he opened the frosted glass door to our compartment, I saw him pulling his shirt tail out to cover up the wet spot. Redhead slave handjob dick and squirt.

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