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Chelsea decided she would rather not know what was up there.
But the most striking and unusual feature of the jet was a polished chrome pole that extended to the ceiling from a circular mirror on the floor. Lick her wet ass.
They didn’t have to wait long to see what that was used for.
A sultry voice flowed through the speakers: “Passengers, welcome aboard Davis Two.
We have just been cleared for takeoff.
Ladies, please prepare the cabin. Couple looking for sex tonight in bremen. Clear paola 29yo. Looking dick.
” Dirk indicated that Chelsea and Liam should follow him to the grouping of three chairs that flanked a small table on the right side of the cabin.
They sank into the soft leather as the sound of the voice through the speakers was replaced by a dreamy, pulsating rhythm. Fat swinger tube.
The three flight attendants glided in from the hallway, still clad in their lingerie and high-heeled boots.
The blonde moved immediately to the pole and began to grind on it while the brunettes stepped over to Dirk and Liam and buckled them in to their seats. Local sex fuck women in sisophon beautiful stella 34yo i ready sex chat.
Chelsea watched intently as the short-haired brunette ran her hands across Liam’s chest and pushed him back into the seat before adjusting his shoulder strap and buckling his lap belt.

Chelsea thought the woman’s hands lingered just a bit too long in Liam’s lap, but was gratified to see that Liam, ever the professional, continued to film the gyrating pole dancer in the center of the cabin and didn’t seem to notice the attentions of the pretty brunette. Tamil desi aunty nude.
Chelsea was also amused to note that the flight attendants didn’t offer to buckle her belt.
“So, Dirk…” Chelsea had a question framed in her mind, but it died on her lips as she stared at him in disbelief. Jonie the jehovah witness stripper.
The brunette with the long hair had unzipped Dirk’s pants while buckling his seatbelt and was now kneeling on the floor in front of his chair.
Chelsea got a glimpse of Dirk’s long, hard cock as the brunette slid her hands up and down its length. College fuck nude gif.
Then a chill ran through Chelsea’s body as Dirk’s eyes met hers.
He placed his hands on top of the brunette’s head and pushed her down towards his cock, while his eyes never left Chelsea’s.

“Suck it,” he commanded. Ebony sex webcam.
The flight attendant moaned as she slid his cock in and out of her mouth.
She paused to lick up and down his length, then paused at the tip to lick and tease for a moment before plunging back down on it. Bikini boot camp workout.
Dirk grabbed her hair with both fists while his hips thrust out of the seat and he forced her to take him deeper down her throat.
Chelsea could hear the girl gagging, but she never relented as Dirk fucked her mouth. Webcam chat websites.
Finally, he threw his head back and yelled, “Oh, fuck, yes!!!” His hips lifted and held as he pumped the brunette’s mouth full of his cum.

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