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You should just sleep.
” “Maybe later.
” He covered her hand with his.
“I’m fine, Emma, really.
Come on.
” He stepped back at her door and let her unlock it, but put a hand on the knob before she could open it.
“What?” She looked up at him and he was lost for a minute in her soft brown eyes.
“I just–I hope you like it.
” He turned the knob and the let the door open. Free sexy chat dk.
Perplexed, Emma pushed the door and stepped inside, then stopped.
” She looked around and wondered if she’d stepped into the wrong apartment.
There were lights hung around the windows, and candles on the little kitchen table. Looking for men on webcam sex.
An assortment of snowmen, Santas and angels were on the table and the windowsills and a tall, smiling Frosty stood by the door.
Emma covered her mouth with a shaky hand as Luke nudged her inside and shut the door.

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She looked to her left and saw a tree.
It wasn’t tall, or wide, but it had a star on top and ornaments on the branches.
Garland hung, albeit crookedly, from the branches.
She loved it.
Christmas carols floated up as Luke stepped over and turned on the CD player he’d brought earlier.
“Luke, you did this? Voyeur cam. For me?” “Only if you like it.
” He took his coat off and draped it on a chair, then coaxed hers off as well.
“If you don’t like it, I’ll blame it on gremlins.
” She laughed and it caught in her throat.
“I thought it was elves at Christmas.
” “Elves, then.
” He slid his arms around her from behind and pulled her back against him. Carbon 14 dating archaeology.
Her body felt warm and inviting and when he dropped a kiss on her head, he could smell the fresh scent of her shampoo.
“Do you like it?” “I love it.
” Emma wiped at her eyes.
“I love it.

How did you do it?” “I wish I could say magic, but it involved much begging.
” He chuckled.
“I got in when your neighbor was going in, and then I got your super to let me in.
” “The super?” Emma stared at him.
“George? Cms adult chat live facebook. He doesn’t even like to let his own tenants in.
” “True.
” Luke nodded.
“However, his wife is a dewy-eyed romantic and I suspect, under his own curmudgeonly exterior, so is George.
So he let me in.
After his wife threatened to lock him out.
” “Oh, my God.
” Emma walked over and touched the tree, gently, as though she was afraid she’d break it.
“I can’t believe you did this.
” “I did it for you, and for me.
” Luke stroked her hair.
“I thought we’d both had enough of sad Christmases. In itemupdating event.
My place was too messy, so I decorated yours.
” She stared at the tree for a moment, then turned to him.
“I can’t thank you enough.

I love it.
” Emma wrapped her arms around him and was relieved he did the same to her.
“I love you.
” They were quiet for a moment, and then she realized what she’d said.
“Um. Free sex chat sites no cc.
” She pulled back and combed her hands through her hair, trying to decide what to say.
“I can’t say I didn’t mean that.
But I know it may not be what you want to hear, so if you could just not say anything right now.
” She tried to laugh.
“Just think of it as a Christmas present for me, okay? Like a porn star. I mean, not that this wasn’t a great present in itself, but you–” “Emma, hush.
It’s fine.
It’s fantastic.
I love you, too.
” Now that he’d said it, the rest of his apprehension fled.

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