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Are you okay with that?” “Yeah, it’s fine.
I feel so free and happy.
” “Me, too.
I feel like I can have the best of both worlds.
” “What did you think of Maria?” I asked.
“I thought she looked sexy as hell in those skin tight jeans this morning.
” “Yeah, me too. Looking for textingfreind.
I wanted to slide my hands over her round butt, but I was afraid she, and you, would be mad if I did.
” Shelly confessed.
“Shit, no, I wouldn’t be mad,” I told her, “in fact, I’d love to watch you with another girl.

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It would turn me on so much.
” “Really?” she asked, kind of surprised.
I think I’d like to watch you with another girl, too.
It would be so exciting, and I love you too much to be jealous.
” “Well, it’s warm enough in here now, I’m going to go for a shower. Beyonce knowles ass crack.

Wanna join me?” I asked her devilishly with a big grin.
“Yeah, I’ll join you.
You can scrub my back just like you do in the school locker room.
Only this time we won’t have the other girls around to bother us.
” We undressed there and walked naked into the bathroom. 100 free japanese cams.
I patted her playfully on her naked, tempting butt cheeks as I followed her.