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He holds his glass towards me and gazing at me eyes saying, “Here’s to us, for tonight and tomorrow night.
” I put my glass to his.
“Here’s to us.
” We stare at each other as we sip our wine, before Dale puts his glass on the shelf beside the bath and moves towards me. Trailer park porn.
He envelopes me in his arms and helps me put my glass on the same shelf.
He kisses me with his tongue entering my mouth and I respond as passionately.
“Sit up on the edge please.
” He says, not asks.
I oblige and he moves in between my thighs, pushing them wider apart. Las vegas hotel bondage fantasy room.
“Hold your lips open for me Tanya” I oblige, using my fingers to expose my cunt to him.
It was wet, even if we were not sitting in a warm spa bath.
Dale is on his knees, his hands atop my thighs, his tongue licking the exposed lips of my vagina.

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We hold this position for what seems like minutes but was probably less than one.
I lean back against the mirror tiled wall and move my hands to Dale’s head.
He licks, he kisses, his tongue lashing at me gently. Horny women in allen oh.
I am in a place I haven’t felt I’ve been for a long time.
I fondle his hair, I put pressure on his skull.
Dale continues to lick me and I feel his teeth hold my clitoris between them, he was sucking on me at the same time. Nude kentucky derby party.
I come in a loud explosion of passion that nearly caused me to black out and I slide back down into the swirling waters as Dale moves sideways to put his arm around me and I put my lips to his in an ever so grateful, wet and passionate kiss. Fiona03 sexchat gratis.

Neither of us speak.
We sit there, holding each other, the spa bath jets bubbling water around us.
I was so turned on.
I felt so much bliss.
We must have stayed there for thirty or more minutes.
No speaking. Messy teen blowjob.
Just me in Dale’s arms.
Then, from the confines of my handbag, came the familiar personalised ring tone of, “Your husband wants you now… your husband wants you now.
” I love my wife very much.
She is 12 years older than me and we had been married then for over 25 years. Single seeking a real women.
Like many couples sex when we were first together was spectacular but fell away as years went by.
Jan had many boyfriends when young which her family always ribbed her about but in those days you didn’t go ‘all the way’. Trunk monkey dating video.
I was very jealous having had no experience of girls before we met.
My insecurity diminished over the years and we were a very solid and devoted couple.

So why did I have this desire to have another man join us and see him satisfy my wife? South lanarkshire mom sex chat rooms. She was and is very attractive and whilst we indulged each other in discussing fantasies a threesome had never been raised until one night in bed I asked her about some of her old boyfriends and what they had done. Karada rope bondage.
She told me openly how they had felt inside her bra and a few even slipped a finger inside her.
She could see how this aroused me and exaggerated a little to allow me to come while she told me.
She admitted afterwards nothing had gone quite as far as that but this began a pattern for her telling me about boys and things they had done to make me randy. College ggw.
After climaxing we would chat a little more about what had gone before and I asked if there was anyone she could think of that would like to have gone further with her.

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