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Her nails sank into my back for a moment, and her breath caught when I pushed forward to bury my full length into her.
I held still, letting her adjust around me while my mouth found her neck.
We started a slow rhythm together, keeping me deep inside of her. Busty piss bondage.
I heard Mandy moan out in a satisfied way and knew Nick had entered her as well.
Within minutes, both women were moaning as Nick and I fucked them.
The sounds of my wife moaning and panting from another’s man dick made me fuck Jessa even harder. Handjob wife bestfriend.
Feeding off the actions and sounds of one another, we all continued to escalate.
Soon the room was filled with individual groans, bodies slapping against bodies, the bed squeaking under the double assault, and heavy breathing. Asian teen masturbating gif.
Jenna’s fingers pulled against my hair, lifting my mouth from the nipple it had been sucking, her thighs squeezing tight around my body.
Our lips crashed together.
We kissed hard around her moans and breathing until she pulled away. Sex virtual skype online.
She bit down hard on the top of my shoulder, and her nails scratched painfully but enjoyably down my back as she came around me.
I fucked her harder and faster through her orgasm.

I heard my own wife scream out, but was too close to my own end to think about anything else except filling Jenna’s hot pussy with my come. Murphy brown pantyhose.
I grabbed her hands, removing them from my scratched back, and pinned them down near her head.
I drove my cock hard into her, while she slowly started to move her hips against me once again, working to help me reach my own release. Japanese office hd.
She knew what I liked from our earlier talks and put that knowledge into play.
Whispering my name, she asked me to come inside of her.
After a few more thrusts, I couldn’t hold back any longer.
With a final hard stroke, I plunged into her, then held myself still as I started to release. Virgins women orgasm video.
She gyrated her hips slowly beneath me as I continued to pulse and fill her.
She wiggled her hands free of my grasp and lightly rubbed up and down my back as I tried to catch my breath above her.
I collapsed next to her on the bed. Maxi mounds topless photos.

She immediately rolled her body to the side to half lay on me, a satisfied smile on her face.
We lightly ran our fingers over each other as we watched Nick and Mandy getting close to reaching their own climaxes. Friend in love with friend whiskey sours.
My wife moved a hand beneath herself to play with her clit, and I knew she would come any minute.
Nick continued to fuck her fast from behind.
Her moans came quicker, louder, until she suddenly pulled her hand away from her clit and dug her fingers into the bed’s sheets. Amateur gallery interracial.
She pressed her face against the bed as she came loudly, and Nick was right behind her.

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