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” Cole was having none of it.
He glanced up at Evan from his on-screen reading and grinned.
“I know how that shit’s gonna turn out.
It won’t be pretty by morning.
Sorry, buddy, I promised myself I’d get through this article tonight. Mature chat anal sex.
I’m gonna cram like it’s for a test and then Judith’s coming over after babysitting to go through it with me.
” “Oh yeah? Bet you’ll get down to some cramming with her.

” Cole displayed the hint of a smile, but said nothing. Asian face sitter.
“C’mon, man – you’re not following your preacher dad’s line, are you? Tell me you’re at least getting round the bases, ‘cos if you’re not, I’m damn well draggin’ you to that party.
” “You’re not dragging me anywhere. Kristynagrey gambar sex usa.
Judith’s a cool girl.
Me and her …” Whatever Cole might have been tempted to reveal on the subject, he retained it.

“We’re good,” he said, simply.
Evan read into his friend’s discretionary silence, imagining some hot times there. Blowjob and cumshots.
“What about Felicity Fox?” he inquired, his appetite for mischief not quite satisfied.
“She still hitting on you?” “Yeah, it’s weird.

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