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After Kwame had emptied his big balls in Becky’s pussy, she motioned John over to the bed.
She told John that if he licked her pussy clean, she would unlock his chastity belt and let him come. Worst case scenario guide to dating.
John, who loved eating his wife’s pussy, didn’t hesitate for a second, as he buried his face between her thighs and went to town.
Lying next to Becky, Kwame caressed Becky’s firm breasts whilst he looked down with a grin on his face at the weak white man who was swallowing his cum from his wife’s pussy.

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Kwame’s warm and salty semen poured into John’s mouth as he eagerly licked his wife’s sweet pussy.
Hearing his wife moan and tasting her freshly fucked pussy would have been enough to make John come, but with the chastity belt on, he couldn’t. Shemale transfromation comics.
His penis strained so hard against the inside of the chastity belt.
There was almost a steady flow of precum oozing down from the tip.
After having cleaned her pussy for some time, and making her orgasm in the process, John looked up at his wife, eager for her to let him out of his cage.

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Becky however just smiled down at her husband, as she took Kwame’s hand and disappeared into the bathroom for a shower.
She had no intention of letting her husband out of his chastity belt.
On the beach, next to John, sat Henry Larsen. Anal maniak sex com.
A thirty-one-year-old who had just gotten promoted to manager at the car dealership in Bloomington, Minnesota where he had worked since he finished high school.