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I kept stroking your cock with one hand, while I used the other to grip your thigh and steady myself.
As I began to lick you, I felt your body give in to me.
You quivered as I touched your balls lightly with my lips. Sparkle road dating.
I ran my tongue all over them as I breathed in your distinctive musky scent, which was still strong even though you’d only just showered.
I moved my mouth to that sensitive spot just behind your sac, then increased the pressure as I circled it with my tongue.
“Ohhh. Pvc heels.
so good, Miss,” you groaned.
I worked you faster with my hand, according to the tension in your body and the throbbing of your cock.
I sucked gently on your balls, and rolled each one around my mouth in turn, while I flicked my tongue against them. Big boobs and big dicks naked.
I felt your cock stiffen even more in my hand.
My clit was pulsing hard for you now, but I knew if I begged you to fuck me before you asked me to, you would only make me wait even longer.
“Mmmm, yes.
suck it now, baby. Throat fuck movie gag.
suck my cock.
” As I went to take you in my mouth, you stared down at me.
You could see how hungry I was for your cock.
I was so wet for you, but you still hadn’t touched my pussy yet, or said that I could rub myself for you.

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I hoped you were going to fuck me, or least let me touch myself soon, before I turned into an animal for you.
“Yes, open your mouth for me.
ohhh yes, good girl.
” I remained civilised for now.
Your praise shot straight to my pussy in a tingle of pleasure, as you slid the head of your cock between my waiting lips. Sex datings israel.
I closed them round it, and sucked on you a little until you groaned.
I didn’t want to take in anymore until you told me I could.
“Ohhh, Miss.
open wider for me now.
I want to fuck that mouth of yours as deep as I can. Mature woman looking sex lake city florida.
” You pushed your cock in further, and I relaxed the muscles of my jaw and throat to let you have your wish.
You held me in place with a gentle hand on the back of my head as you started thrusting in and out of my mouth. Vickycristal free online stripper.
I was able to take you more deeply with each thrust, until each time I felt the tip of your cock hit the back of my throat.

You shuddered with pleasure as my tongue played against your shaft, while it slid back and forth between my lips.
“Such a good girl,” you panted. Tastyoldwine chat brazzer.
“So good, Miss.
you love sucking my cock, don’t you?” My mouth was still filled with your dick, so I could only nod and blush in response.
“I bet you’re so wet for me now, aren’t you, baby?” Your voice was thick with arousal as I nodded again.
“Show me. Xxx webcam sites.
Stand up, turn around, and put your hands on here.
” You pointed to the railings, then took your cock out of my mouth, and made an impatient motion for me to stand.

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