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We heard him come up the stairs saying he told her not to do that.
We lay across the bed naked, holding each other waiting for the door to open.
He asked, “Can I come in and see my present even if it is not ready?” Shari said, “Ooh its ready!” He opened the door and saw us and locked eyes on me as Shari said, “Happy Birthday baby!” Corey was stunned and smiled and said, “No way!” as Shari reached over to hug and kiss him. Sensual dougherty texas 4 female.
He was lost for words and I crawled over to him saying, “Happy Birthday!” I then kissed him and then kissed her and then went back to him.
She said,” This is Lindsay or as you know her as Allflavors.

” He grabbed my ass and said, “This is the best present ever!” Shari said, “She’s all yours baby. Milfs in west silver lake blog.
Anything you want baby!” I lay on my back and spread my legs so he could see all of me then rolled over and put my ass up and he felt it and said, “Really?” He said, “I have to shower first and went to the bathroom, but I improvised and went in to the shower with him. Free br chatline.
We began making out and his hands roamed my body.
I soaped him up and paid close attention to his growing cock and ass.
He kissed me all over.

As we rinsed off I saw Shari masturbating in the other room watching us. Amature bdsm pics.
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Shari began going down on me and occasionally slapping my ass.
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