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You groan again.
“Oh, fuckkkkkkkkkk.
” I look down and see only My wrist protruding from your pussy and feel your cunt lips tight around My wrist. Nude jacksonville cleaning ladies jacksonville.
I slowly begin to move My hand around inside, fisting your little cunt.

“Ah, what a nasty little slut you are,Pam – taking My whole fist in your little cunt.
How does that feel?? Have you ever been fisted before?” “No, Sir, but I have always wondered how it would feel,” you reply with a wiggle of your hips and a small smile. Kinky pixie cam.
Your excitement is obvious in your voice, in your face, and in the movement of your hips.
I find it very exciting also; the feel of My hand buried in your little pussy, your pussy lips tight around My wrist.

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I continue to move My hand inside but bring the fingers of My other hand to your clit.
I begin to massage your hard little clit; making you squirm more; thrusting your hips up.