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With a smile on my face and desperately trying to remember the few porn films I had seen, I mounted him, straddling his chest, one knee either side with my crotch merely inches from his face.
Neil raised his head and began to lick my obscenely-presented vulva with his tongue. Mature woman grannies sex belgium.
It felt wonderful; apart from the sheer pleasure of having my slit licked by a man’s active tongue, there I was at my age for the first time dominating a strong, good-looking man both physically and sexually. Jessikaalba sext cam.
For the first time ever I was in charge; a person much more powerful than me both physically and financially was complying completely with my desires.
“Mmmmmmm!” I raised my face to the ceiling and moaned with satisfaction as Neil’s tongue flicked back and forth along my open slit, my hands gripping his tighter and tighter as I began to tremble.

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He licked me for a long time, my body shaking as he brought me close to orgasm again and again but never quite pushed me over the edge.
The agony of anticipation was exquisite but we both know it was not going to be enough to satisfy either of us. Www datingonwebcam com.
Still in unfamiliar control, I shuffled back on my knees, reached behind with my left hand until I had grasped Neil’s erect cock, then carefully lowered myself onto its smooth end.
It parted my inner lips as it passed through my stretched entrance and began to penetrate deep into my body. Real asian nude amature.
I gasped as I impaled myself on his long shaft, the angle and position making it feel so much thicker than it had before.

My legs trembled as I slowly lowered myself, feeling Neil’s already swollen head reaching deeper and deeper into my loins, then my belly, then into my chest where it seemed to catch in my throat. Trea and z.
As my buttocks came to rest on Neil’s upper thighs I could feel the pressure of his tip on my cervix, forcing my womb upwards into my belly while his thick base stretched my entrance tightly.
It was a position I had used only a handful of times before and had completely forgotten just how deep a penetration it could produce. Vagina of nude pregnant lady dailymotion.
“Oh God! Oh God!” I gasped.
Neil wriggled underneath me as if adjusting his position but I was too wrapped up in my own pleasure to think about it.
A moment later he seemed to have slipped half an inch deeper still. Giant juggs blowjob.
My breaths came in gulps and I reached out with both hands for security.

Neil’s fingers grasped mine firmly, entwining and holding them tightly.
Our eyes met.
And then I began to ride him, tilting my pelvis back and forth, raising and lowering myself on my knees. Pussy fuck cumshot compilation.
It felt incredible.
All my life I had taken a submissive role during sex, letting first my husband then my lover take me where they wanted.
Like many women I enjoy being dominated; I enjoy having my limits tested but for me, actually taking the lead was unusual in the extreme. Idiliax usa sexy vedio onlion free.
And what a thrill it was! As I rode Neil’s cock, deciding for myself how fast I wanted to be penetrated, how deeply and from what angle, an entirely new vision opened up before me; a vision of what my sexual future might be. Kinky full movie.
A future where from time to time I got what I really wanted rather than what my lover, however well intentioned, believed would make me happy.