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Christine wiggled and writhed in pleasure.
The whole room smelled of sex, and the whole scene aroused Will even further.
His cock begged for attention … just one touch.
Oh but he couldn’t.
Mmm I must. Free skype xxx chat.
He thought, as he released his hardened manhood from its captivity.
Just as Christine was about to cum, Devon vacated her pussy and shoved himself inside her tight ass.
Yes! Will thought, as he quickly removed his cumbersome jeans and took Devon’s place at Christine’s pussy. Adult webcam sex chat.
Her pussy was so wet, he nearly lost control.
Damn … not yet.
Too fucking hot not to see this through.

Christine could only moan.
Having two cocks inside her at once was getting her worked into a sexual frenzy. New free adult porn.
It wasn’t long until she came hard, blasting her love juices all over the men and the bed.
“Ah, more.
More, please.
” She gasped.
Neither Will nor Devon stopped fucking her.
Rather, they increased speed, wanting to see more squirting from their slut. Jada stevens hot nude.
Again and again, Christine came, showering the men with her pleasure.
Not to be outdone, both of the guys came simultaneously … shooting their loads on Christine’s back, covering her in cum.

“Mmm I wanna be your cum slut again. Free boob sisters.
Same time next week?” “Oh, we ain’t done, yet.
” Devon said, stroking his still erect cock.
“Mmmm …” Christine moaned sensually, as she slipped her fingers between her nether lips.
“This is just the beginning. Jack of diamonds strip club.
” I’m needing a little time with my toy, I’m aroused, horny, and hot.
Playtime is what I need and enjoy, I love to fuck my g-spot.
My legs are open and very wide, Rubbing all around my lips.