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I also told him how sorry I was.
He said that he knew my Mr.
Green and that he would give him a call.
I dreaded my drive back to Mr.
Green’s farmhouse.
I knew he would probably punish me for this, but since I was eighteen years old and a grown woman, I thought that I would probably be unable to drive for the rest of my stay there. Hairy chubby teen.
When I drove down the dirt road to his farmhouse, he was standing there with a very mad look on his face.
“I just got a call from my friend John that you hit his car and caused a lot of damage to it!

Is that true?” Mr. 100 percent dating sites worldwide.
Green asked.
“Yes it is”, I quickly replied, “but I didn’t mean to do it!” ” Well the damage is done,” Mr.
Green said, “and do you have enough money to pay for the damages?” I hadn’t worked any jobs and what money I did have was from previous allowances from my parents, so I said, “Of course not!” “So I guess my insurance company will have to pay for it, but I should contact your parents about this so that they can pay me back for my expenses to settle this situation”, Mr.

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