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I moaned again.
Suddenly she gave me the very slightest of slaps across my panties.
“Is that okay?” I nodded.
“Okay,” she whispered.
“No sounds, remember?” I nodded again.
She returned to my tickly massage, neck, armpits, breasts, back, bottom, thighs. Calne pussy calne.
Stroking downward each time.
Her hand teasing apart my thighs a little further with each pass.
Her hand getting closer to my now damp panties each time.
Again I moaned involuntarily, and again she barely spanked me, just enough to sting. Cowgirl barn.
Little scratches with her nails brought the sting out a little more.
My hips started to vibrate with each pass over my ass.
She slipped the panties down, stopping at the top of my thighs.
I tried to lift up to let her take them off, but she gave me another stinging slap.
“I’ll tell you when your panties come off,” she crooned softly. Lick the balls slick.
She pinched my nipple again.
I managed to suppress the moan.
“Good girl” she whispered, as she kneaded the breast and tugged again at the nipple.
Her massaging and tickling and scratching continued this way for what seemed hours, punctuated by mildly stinging spanks once in a while. Legs free porn.
Finally she slipped my panties down past my knees and I somehow stepped out of them.

Now she started painting me with my juices.
Reaching inside me she took some on her fingertips and liberally lubricated my lips, my ass, my clit. Bangbros valentine.
Never lingering long anywhere, with gentle, barely palpable touches, and soft spanks when I moaned.
Had I ever been so turned on before? “Shall I make you come?” she whispered softly.
“Please,” I whimpered. Adult social networks.
Another soft slap rewarded me for speaking.
I nodded silently.
She gripped my hair and gently tugged back, reminding me to maintain my silence.
She kept teasing me, making me vibrate with desire.
Suddenly her touches were no longer gentle. Cumshot handjob jerking movies handjob.
Two long graceful fingers were thrusting in me, fast, hard.
Her thumb was pinching my clit, I was being fucked, was so totally gone, explosions and screaming and vibrating and growling, “ohh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.
” until I couldn’t think.
— I don’t know how long I lay there with her fingers in me, rubbing my G-spot, the occasional spanks when I moaned.

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Somehow I managed to get off her lap, kiss her thoroughly, get her now-soaked panties off, tease and lick her to orgasms.
We listened and watched Sarah and Janet make love a couple of times, one of which stimulated us into a gentle 69 and a few quiet pleasant orgasms. Vb net call validating event.
We spent the night spooning together on the bed beside our friends.
I think we made love a few more times overnight, although perhaps that was just dreaming.