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After so many years – maybe decades of flirting, I had finally let our close, long-time family friend Tony seduce me, strip me and fuck me on our lounge floor.
Over twenty years of fidelity had been thrown away for what turned out to be less than ten minutes of frantic, clumsy fornication. Harsh handjob tease.
What was far worse was that they had probably been the most fantastic, most exciting ten minutes of my life.
As I sat alone in our kitchen that Saturday morning I was trying to deal with an awful but undeniable truth: that I had loved every crude, brutal and abandoned minute of my fall from grace. Horney girls 12566.
It hadn’t been like Pete and my bedroom fantasies at all; there had been no lengthy seduction, no gradual disrobing, no long drawn-out foreplay.
It had in truth been more of a crude wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am fuck but it had felt simply incredible.

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Even as I sat, guilt-laden across from my husband, I could still remember vividly how Tony’s short but so very thick cock had felt inside me; the sheer physical shock as my inexperienced body had been penetrated by its first unfamiliar cock in over twenty years, stretching me tightly around its impressive, unaccustomed girth. Perfect asian milf.
I could still picture clearly how he had looked, his half-clothed body over mine as he thrust that short, stubby cock into me over and over again.
I could remember vividly the arrival of my first vaginal climax in nearly a year; how it had caught me unawares, shaking me uncontrollably as the shockwave of illicit pleasure had pulsed through my yielding body.

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I could remember vividly the look on Tony’s handsome face as his own climax turned his familiar smile into a cruel grimace before his pulsing cock began to pump thick, sticky semen deep into my vagina. Girls show their sweet and wet pussy nude.
I had studied myself carefully in the bathroom mirror before coming downstairs, afraid to see tell-tale signs of guilt written brazenly across my face.
All saw was a tired, middle aged woman who could have done with a lot more sleep. Asamise sexy pusy close up pictures.
My vulva was still pink, swollen and surprisingly sore from the battering Tony’s cock had given it but beyond that there were no obvious outward signs of the momentous change that had taken place.
But there was no escaping the fact that the change had happened, that was no longer a faithful wife. Men and why they masturbate.
I was a cheat, an adulteress, a fallen woman, a harlot as my Grandmother would have said.

I felt guilt like I had never felt before.
I felt shame.
I felt sick.
My husband Peter had risen a little earlier than usual too and was sitting across the table from me, oblivious to his wife’s new status as a ‘fallen women’ and his own as a Cuckold. Saffron teaches.
I looked again at the handsome man who sat drinking his coffee and reading the financial pages, blissfully ignorant of the guilt that wracked my every thought.
I thumbed distractedly through the colour supplements, knowing and dreading the fact that I would soon have to read and reply to the messages waiting on my phone. Top british porn sites.
Even the newspaper seemed to taunt me, apparently containing nothing but reports of celebrities having affairs and marriages breaking up but deep down I knew it was really my conscience haunting me.