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I moved to the couch and got on my knees, “Like this?” I asked.
He moved behind me and was about to slip his cock in me when Michael spoke.
“What is going on here?” Frederick stammered, “U-u-um, I.
” “Frederick was about to fuck me, Master,” I answered. Crooked dick pictures.
Frederick stared at me trying to comprehend my words.
“Get over here slut,” Michael demanded.
I quickly crawled over to my son as Frederick watched bewildered.
“How dare you start without me, Mommy-slave,” Michael said, pulling his pants down. Nerds nude tgp.
No instructions were needed as I pulled my son’s cock out and took his semi-hard cock in my mouth.

Frederick gasped.
Michael explained, while his cock grew in my mouth, “My mom is my slut, Frederick.
I am her master and she my personal fuck-toy, my sex-slave.
” “But that is incest,” Frederick said.
“Sex is sex, Frederick and there is nothing better than my mom’s beautiful lips wrapped around my cock,” Michael explained, before adding, “Well other than maybe my cock in her cunt or ass.
” “You have sex with your mom?” “Every day I fuck one, two or all three of her holes, don’t I Mommy?” “Yes, Master, my body is yours to use whenever you want and,” I declared, and added looking back to Frederick, “with whomever you want.
” Michael asked Frederick, as I returned to sucking my son’s delicious cock, “You can keep this secret right?” “I can’t believe it,” I heard Frederick say.
“That was not an answer,” Michael said, before adding, “Mommy here wants to be double penetrated and I thought you would be the perfect choice to help me make that happen.

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