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The first went to the negro.
Judging by the way he suddenly groaned and tensed, the sensations I faced were not joking.
And the voice of the old man, tirelessly telling about the deliverance of sinners and whores from sin, was only woven into the rhythm with which he raped Ishmael.

And only when it was my turn, I understood how I would have to atone for my non-existent sins.
It cost Uncle Albert to enter me, as the “Temptation” bloated, turning into my ass in several rows of steel hoops, lined with spikes.
I screamed, but my cries only seemed to make the old man move more intensely.
At the same time, Ishmail’s dickhead bumped into my mouth, and my cries turned into moans when he grabbed my hair and started to push me to my very throat.
Tears rolled down my cheeks, but Albert’s hot wet hand squeezed my dick several times slammed me hard, not allowing me to come to my senses.
I suddenly began to cum, and I realized that Albert was cumming with me.
The “tempter” suddenly went limp, the spikes disappeared, and the sperm mixed with blood flowed down my legs.
And Albert, sharply leaning forward, was already sucking Ishmail sperm.
It flowed on his chin, dripped on my head, and he kept getting the last drops, wielding his tongue and noisily puffing.
Ten minutes later we were again sitting on the couch, as if nothing had happened.
Ishmail disappeared almost immediately, obeying one wave of his hand, Uncle Adbert was in a new unspotted robe, and I sat naked and, choking, ate another cookie.
I was stroked on the head, called a good girl, and explained to me all the charms of a righteous life. Amateur webcam teens sex pic.

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