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Bongacams 484.
The second camera also disappeared, there were only messages that he had finished.

Only one left.
– Sorry, honey, I can no longer.
Am I not turning you on? – No, of course, I already finished a long time ago, but here I stood up again.
– Mmm, baby, I’m tired, I’ve been fucking myself for half an hour.
– Tell me then some vulgar story of life.
– Mm, okay.
Want to know how I became such a whore? I had a sister, the eldest, for three years.
They lived with mom, but she always worked, most of the time she was not even at home, she came and already half an hour later she slept without hind legs.
I told and in breaks I sucked on a toy.
– My sister and I were very similar to everyone.
And when I was fifteen, she had a graduation.
She came drunk in the morning with a guy, Zhenya.
And then she met with Vlad.
I do not know why changed, never talked about it.
In general, we sleep in the same room, she dragged this guy in there and began to fuck quietly.
Apparently, I thought that I was sleeping.
They tried to be quiet, but I, of course, perfectly heard their sighs, as they discuss where to stick.
I was wildly excited.
I understood that it was not right, but I began to jerk off and quickly finished.
Then she began to fuck in the ass.
the boy broke her, she moaned harder, like an animal.

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She asked for more.
And when she was finished in the ass, she was surprised why so little.
Like, two minutes in the ass and all.
I had time to finish again.
Then I realized that she was a whore.
But I also understood how we are alike.
so when, over time, I was drawn to all this, I somehow accepted myself as such.
“How was your first time?” “In the kindergarten in the quiet hour, my bed was moved with the boy’s bed.
We secretly shoved each other’s hands under the blanket, touched his lips.
how nice it was.
In the ass, I wanted to, when they took a smear from me, sticking some kind of wire in my point.
Sharply so.
but I remembered this feeling, soon I began to fuck myself.
First, a pencil, and then went.
“But you caught my sister at 15?” “Well, yes.
apparently, in me it was so.
Not finished yet? – No.
I began to fuck my mouth, on the monitor you can see the toy bursting throat, passing through it, then the throat again becomes narrow, then the toy again burst it.
Soon they said goodbye to me, I was left alone.
I quickly turned off and ran to the bathroom.
She began to brush her teeth to bring down the disgusting taste of urine.
Such is the work.
I like it honestly.
I am excited by the realization that I am a dirty girl, that they want me and even get paid.
Every time go farther and farther.
Besides, I just earned as much as some earn in a week.
but I will spend faster.
Booty terribly hurts.
enough for today.
Oddly enough, in a dream the pain always goes away, and I wake up ready for new

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But until I sleep, sometimes even walking hurts.
And go out on the street in general.
how not to crap in public, to such a state, I fuck myself.
I was lying, watching a video, climbing on the internet.
Rang out.
My heart sank, stopped.
I even hesitated a little, but poked a finger.
“Hello?” “Hello, Masha, it’s me,” came the pushy voice. Bongacams 484.

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