Bongacams vikkiparadise.

Bongacams vikkiparadise.
Valya paid off at the checkout and loaded all the packages into the car and drove home.
Only in the parking lot, they realized that they could not bring everything at a time.
Then Nastya stayed at home to cut salads and make a quick snack, and Valya brought all the packages several times.

So, darling, we have twenty minutes.
Marsh into the room to dress.
I will help you.
– Valya said, looking at the wall clock.
Nastya quickly ran into the room.

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Throwing off all her clothes and remaining naked, she began to pull the clothes out of the bags.
Wait, I will dress you myself.
– said Valya.
I’m that small.
– Nastya pouted.
Do not stop.
Soon a man will come who will give you an unforgettable pleasure and I want you to give him a few happy hours.
Okay, I’ll try.
Wear this and this, – Valya Nastya filed out with light green lettuce shorts and a bra, which emphasized and increased her not very big chest.
Then black stockings.
Then a dark green velvet dress.
It favorably emphasized the figure of Nastya.
Then a gold chain and a bracelet on the foot.
They wore velvet black stilettos on their feet.
Well, beautiful.
– walked away from Nastya Valentine a few steps and looked at her.
Makeup Valya imposed quick and easy movements.
Now my turn.
Valya wore red thongs, black stockings.
Top wore a light red dress with a deep neckline to the waist.
The same light makeup, gold and red lacquer studs.
Valentina’s outfit seemed a little defiant, but that was what she wanted.
Wearing a second earring, Valya heard the doorbell.
So, sit here.
I will call you.
Don’t go out before.
I want to make him a surprise.
Valya, I’m afraid.
– Nastya was waiting for her.
Do not be afraid.
I’m with you.
You’ll tell me more thanks.
– Valya said, leaving the room and closing the door.
After correcting the haircut in the hallway once again, Valya opened the doors.

Nastya bongacams.

Hello, Valya, – Valya greeted a tall, slender man of about forty in a strict suit, but without a tie.
Hello, dear, – answered Valya, passing the guest into the apartment and closing the door behind him.
In the hands of a man holding two bouquets and a bag with bottles of alcohol.
Valya hugged and gently kissed the man on the lips.
Then she took flowers and packages from him and went to the kitchen.
Go to the gym.
I soon.
– said Valya.
Quickly putting the flowers in a vase, and putting out from the package three bottles of martini, a bottle of brandy and a bottle of champagne.
Taking a bottle of champagne, Valya went into the hall.
She took out three glasses from the bar and gave the bottle to the man.
Where is the surprise? – The man asked.
Andrew, do not hurry, – said Valya, pulling out from under the pillows on the sofa, two masks on thin rubber bands and a blindfold.
I think it will be more interesting.
– Valya said tying a man’s eyes.
Yes, I am.
Do not fade.
Do not touch.
Enjoy it
– Valya said and went to her room.
Going into Nastya’s room, Valya told her sister in a whisper.
No wonder, do everything the same as me.
And do not say anything yet.
He is blindfolded.
So it will be better for now.
Most importantly, do not brake.
And better drink this one.
Valya held out a glass of water with a whitish liquid to her sister.
What is it? Soothing.
Nastya in small sips, and then in a gulp drained the glass.
Good girl.
Let’s go to.
– taking her sister by the hand Valya led her into the hall.
Nastya saw a man with gray hair, strong and handsome, sitting on the sofa.
Valya pointed Nastya on a chair opposite.
And she stood in front of a man on her knees and slowly began to stroke his chest.
Straightened his shirt.
Began to kiss his nipples, belly.
Gradually down to the pants.
Also slowly unbuttoned his belt, his fly and running his little palm, pulled out a pretty decent sized penis to the light.
The pubis of a man was deprived of hair.
The member was in a half-flat condition.
The foreskin hid his head.
Valya bent down and began to cover with kisses first the head, then the whole trunk.
Raising his dick to the belly, Valya began to kiss and lick the man’s testicles.
Andrei’s breathing increased.
Nastya was sitting on a chair and carefully watched as her sister caressed the man’s penis.
Oddly enough, she captured this action.
She licked her lips.
Her flesh began to moisten.
A long dress made it impossible to run her hand into the crotch and it annoyed her a bit.
By this time, the man’s member had grown strong and was now very large.
However, the head was quickly hiding in Valentina’s mouth, and after it half of this unit.
Pulling the penis out of her mouth, and licked her lips, Valya turned to Nastya and waved her hand. Bongacams vikkiparadise.

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