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It happened a long time ago.
I still do not understand the chain of fate that brought us together.

We met even when he and I were in parallel ninth grades.
In the summer, the school arranged a trip to the sea.

I went.
And he went too.
Then we still did not know each other.
The first acquaintance was unpleasant, which immediately made a rather bad impression on me.
Opinion about him was unequivocal.
How can I make a comment on such a trifle that I supposedly have a blouse on my back? !! In the camp he had a girl from my own class.
Everyone, and I, too, knew it.
I chuckled softly about it.
I also had a boyfriend.
And he knew about it.
But once at the disco, he invited the yena to dance.
And only when his hands touched my waist, I felt that feeling, which did not leave me for a long time and does not leave me now.
So we met.
But nothing happened.
True, on the train we had an unforgettable fun night together.
Went, smeared the guys with toothpaste.
He smeared me the same way.
I deliberately pretended to be asleep.

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I remember how now.
this moment! Through the eyelashes I see a dark silhouette, so soft in the dusky light of the car’s light bulb.
He leans over me and I hear his breath, I feel the trembling of his hands.
Something slippery and cold touched my cheeks.
At that moment I wanted to grab those hunched shoulders and pull them to me!
But the silhouette disappeared, leaving in my soul the ardent desire that still lives in me.
Just now it is hot !!! For two years I tried to catch his eye on the breaks, for two years I waited for him every day around the corner after school.
And for two years he did not notice me.
But then I often could go with him in one trolleybus and look at him.
All the way !!! it was wonderful, but very exhausting for the heart.
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