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So it turned out that we got drunk.
We decided to go swimming in the sea.
After the sea, they decided to have a viskarik in a room with Vika and Serega.

I said that I had to go into the room to change clothes and take a shower after the sea, but the guys said that, they say, you wash yourself, I agreed not to waste time.
We came to the room, first Seryoga went to the shower, Sasha and I drank whiskey, then he went, I was the last.
And I will say that we were all drunk.
I went into the shower and began to wash, it took about 5 minutes as I felt that someone came up behind me and put my hand on my ass.
I was just dumbfounded, and while he was standing from behind, he began to touch my cock, pressing against me, I felt that his member was standing.
And from myself did not expect, but my dick, too, began to get up.
By the way, I was a completely normal orientation and I didn’t think about anything like that.
But in this situation probably alcohol took its toll.
He was standing behind me, standing against a standing member and jerking my face.
By the way, I am 176 and 84kg in weight is not a tight little guy, and the guys were a little taller than me and about the same build.
So he turns me to face him and what I see is Seryoga who came with his girlfriend.
He pressed on my shoulders so that I would be on my knees, I do not know what happened, but I got on my knees and realized that I already wanted him to fuck me in the mouth like a slut.
I took his penis in his hand and slowly began to cheat on him.
He was not small, maybe 19-20, since I have 17 and he was bigger and fatter.
The first time I had in my hand someone else’s dick.
I licked his tongue, he was warm and dense, even hot, I slowly began to take the head into my mouth because I was not used to getting sick, he was very big, but I coped with the urge and began to suck it, and after a few minutes I was already sucking smacking him like a slut, and began to realize that I like it very much.

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A few minutes later he was completely fucking my mouth, holding my head and suddenly he suddenly pulled out a member and began to cum on my face.
I stood like a bitch on my knees, and on the face and mouth was his sperm, by the way, very pleasant to the taste, he made him lick his cock and told me to wash my ass and go out of the shower and slap my cheek.
I bathed and somewhere after 15 minutes I got out of the shower, it was very scary.
When I entered the room they both lay naked on the bed.
They told me to get dressed, I did not understand at first, but then I saw panties and stockings lying on a chair.
I wore them, and they said that I would be their slut, I don’t know why, but I already wanted her to be.
I squatted, and they stood in front of my face with standing members.
I began to suck the second member to one masturbation, inside everything was filled with gravity, my cock was ready to burst, I sucked them in turn for about 5 minutes then, and then Sasha lay down on the bed and pulled me.
Now I stood with cancer and sucked his dick, and from behind, Seryoga began to knead my ass with his hand.
And suddenly I felt his finger begin to massage my hole, slowly inserting a finger into it.
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org) It was a little painful, but not much, and it was also very pleasant, I did not even expect it.
Then I felt that he was sticking the second finger.
He fucked my ass with his hand, and then I

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felt something wet, and suddenly I realized that he was smearing my hole with cream.
He put his dick to my ass and I became very scared.
He began to slowly introduce him, it was painful, I wanted to let Sasha’s cock go, but he pressed my head and I could not do it.
He entered his centimeter on 2 and stopped, it was painful but little by little the pain passed, as the ass was already a little bit worked out with your fingers.
He did not move for a minute, he even had a pleasant burning sensation in the ass, and then he sharply drove him back to the end.
I already howled, but at the same time, Sasha’s member only entered deeper into my throat.
I tried to break free, but one firmly held his head, and the second his ass.
Serezha started to fuck me not quickly, but deeply, it was very painful, but after a while I began to feel a strange thrill through the pain.
And after a while I was already waving to meet my booty.
I felt like a whore, one fucked me in the mouth and the other in the ass and I liked it.
I present a picture of a guy in stockings with cancer on the bed and fucked by two.
Serozha began to grow up, I moaned like a little bitch. Family sex watch online.

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