First time sex caught on camera.

First time sex caught on camera. I: – Not only sucked but had in the ass.
And told the story of youth (read the story “Training”).
She looked into her eyes and smiled and said: – So are you fucking too? Well, I want to fuck you !!!! She laid me on my back and spread my legs and began to massage my point with my finger, while watching the reaction.
Then she smeared my oil with a special point and slowly stuck her finger.

“Well,” she asked. “It’s nice,” I said.
– Okay, let’s go further.
She took out an anal stimulator consisting of 9 balls (each subsequent ball is larger in diameter) smeared it with oil and began to introduce the ball after the ball in me.
Introduced one – stuck it out, then two – stuck it out again and did so until it entered the last one stopped and said: – Fucking: My dick started to rise already, I even let out a moan, she pulled it out almost completely and immediately put it to the end and started moving it gradually speeding up the pace. First time sex caught on camera.

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