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When all the boring things were done and you had to occupy yourself with something, George sat down at the laptop.
He did not know what was interesting to him, and therefore he automatically sent the last search query, Kisse.
A week ago, he passionately searched for everything that could be associated with this word, and Yandex gave him only “kissy baby.”

But now.
George flinched.
On the screen, the first line contained the link, which was not there before:

How to live life without sex.

It was a LiveJournal.
George shuddered; After a while, he clicked on the link and froze, looking at the monitor.
A page decorated in a pseudo-Greek style has opened.
Not believing his eyes, George read: “They get me all the time, why I changed my nickname and image in general.
“Katyusha, well, tell me stories!” And I was attached and fastened, because well, there must be a person who has some intimate things, not all the same to dump into the network.
But I myself was so tempted that I decided, takskzt, to bare barely in public.
Nate, look at your health! All that is dumped here is the holy truth.
Or rather, this: not the whole truth is thrown out, because.

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because! In general, so.
My friends know that I rested in Greece.
We went with papulik, and papulik gave me a real golden cage there.
That is impossible, this is impossible, and do not get away from it.
Apparently, he believes that a woman at seventeen is something like a wolf, whom we do not feed, but he is still looking into the forest.
Estimate, people: I am in Greece, in real live Greece.
here, under the fence, perhaps, Dionysus was lying, and Orpheus’s songs were bawling.
and they keep me in this retarded hotel !!! Well, that is, he is, of course, cool and all that, but he is no different from the same hotels anywhere, at least in our Crimea.
Estimate: arrived to Greece, and Greece as such – figs with butter! Of course I ran away.
Not for good, of course – a mini-runaway from a chicken coop, a light sortie.
Officially, I had fun in the water park – for papulika, while he smoked a hookah in the cafe.
And actually went on a tour.
I climbed on this awesome island for two hours and felt like a real nymph !!! These rocks, and flocks of sheep, and ruins, and the sky, are so blue-blue and deep, just bottomless.
Finally, when I turned home, I saw a naked peasant under the rock.
He was.
how to say it.
well, in short, he was so in harmony with all of this, with real Greece, which filled me up to my ears, that I climbed a bush and admired it for half an hour, maybe more.
He was so strong, muscular all, and with such a funny beard – a bit like a satyr.
The next day I ran away again, and immediately ran to that rock 🙂 The guy was there, and naked again.
I have already composed a story about him (I will not tell). Go nude webcam.

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