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The soul was wrapped in a cocoon of steel threads.
She needed to hide, because there was nowhere to run.
Pain everywhere, scratching pain.

Without causing much harm, she did not allow to calm down.
The soul was tossing about in a tight vessel, and finally it fell silent and began to weave a cocoon.
A cocoon of steel threads, one touch to which left a severe burn.
Do not get outside, do not get out from the inside.
A cocoon that never turns into a butterfly.
The girl looked up and smiled: – Could you call a taxi? – Are you okay? – the man carefully looked at the interlocutor.
“It’s all right, second weakness,” corrected her hair, looking thoughtfully out the window.
– Thank you for your attention and sorry for taking your time.
She went out and hurried along the street, not thinking where she was going.
After a quarter, she stopped abruptly and looked around, trying to figure out where she was.
Next to her stood a man, all battered and tired.
– What, Nastya, is very painful? – grabbed her hands and forced to take a step towards – Come on? Want more pain? A strong slap burned her.
The man almost shouted: – Selfish creature! People passing by did not pay attention to a strange couple.
With the force of pushing the female body into the wall, the rapist began to tear clothing, constantly striking.
Nastya tried not to move, so as not to cause even more rage in a psychopath.
– Are you still dry? Always dry, a log with knots! Fingers tore everything inside, raped, pressed into the flesh.
– Repeat after me: “I’m a good girl,” come on, you can! The girl shook her head detachedly, trying to go deeper into herself.
A sharp pain ripped out of the fog – a member burst inside.
One hand squeezed throat, the other methodically slapped.
Nastya fell into a trance, feeling the panic waking up deep inside.

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The man approached her face and strangled with a kiss, his tongue slobbered, pushed into the throat.
Feeling like gasps, the victim tried to escape.
The kiss broke off: – Breathe a nose, rubbish! Do not hope, you will live, I promise! This time, the tongue immediately slid into the depths, the feeling was that the body was impaled on a hot barrel – from one hole to another.
The ramming member released grease that ate everything inside.
Chills turned into excitement.
The rapist tore his clothes, not stopping the movement.
Huge tentacles slid out from behind his back and wrapped around a defenseless body.
A few seconds later the girl was crucified on the wall.
“Pretty,” the man smirked.
– Will you answer, or continue? – Who are you? She squeaked hoarsely.
The tentacle stuck to his face, not allowing to speak.
– Curious.
Do you want to live? – and laughed at the energetic nods.
The sucker slipped down, sucked on the neck, shoulders, nipples and stopped at a neat navel.
Head down, I watched as some thorn entered it.
A scream stuck, bursting inside.
– Does it hurt you? Ahah, do not nod, speak! “Yes,” lips moved silently.
– Want more? – Not! – convulsive cry.
– Did you like it? – Not!! – You’re lying! – spike opened inside.
– You wanted this? Bitter mucus rose up and flew out of his mouth smearing a man’s face.
– Here is rubbish! – in voice sounded admiration.
– Come on, tired of messing around.
Hyrrrrrr !!! The member again burst into the tender flesh, and the monster began to fuck his victim with force.
Against her will, a pleasure arose inside, so strong that it caused disgust.

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vagina tightened violently.
– Ugly, I hate you !!! – Do you want to live? – Yes, I want, I want! – the cries of the girl burst through the bloody foam.
The tentacles were released, and the body collapsed down.
She needed to hide, because there was nowhere to run.
The soul was wrapped in a cocoon of steel threads.
But the men in the room continued their conversation, not paying attention to her torment.
– Passed the third round, but only five.
Serious punishment.
What did she do? – I seduced my younger brother, and when I got caught, I accused him of rape.
– Ahem.
Pulls only two laps, and here ?.
– There are their nuances, do not even find out.
Everything is very difficult.
– Listen, and she stand it? – So check, and then start again.
“Not sure,” the girl replied slowly.
– Do you need help? Maybe an ambulance or a taxi? The girl began to fuss, straightened her bag, confusedly looked at the interlocutor. Huge squirt cam.

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