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In her dilated pupils, he saw a glimpse of the same craving that burned him.
No confusion or fright.
A little more – and all his vaunted excerpt will fly to hell.

If she will continue to look at him like that.
“Go away,” he repeated.
– I do not want.
“One kiss won’t be enough for me,” Christian burst out.
“And to me,” she answered, coming closer.
Tomorrow is war again.
Both may die.
Was this the reason they clung to each other again? “You always saw only a friend in me,” he whispered, kissing her neck.
“You’re more than a friend, Christian,” she replied, plunging her fingers into his hair.
– You’re more than the whole world.
She felt his fingers gliding over her chest — how nice it was that she didn’t have chain mail, only a thick canvas shirt. Livejasmin luciamia.

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