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Observers who came up close, just stunned by such a spectacle: – Yes, it flows all.
– She also likes it! – Look, look, cunt twitches! – Lyudok, get close! – Dreaming! Well, damn it! How can you? To heighten the effect, I parted my girl’s buttocks, revealing a dark sphincter circle.
“Directors” immediately began to shoot the anus of a schoolgirl close-up.

After enjoying the booty, I opened wide the entrance to the virgin hole.
The once modest schoolgirl now obediently lay on the square, showing the inner world of her vagina to an unfamiliar crowd of peers, shamelessly dripping her pussy on the asphalt, forming a fairly decent puddle there.
Excited crowd did not let up: – This is a disgrace.
– Tomorrow I’ll post it on YouTube – you will become a star, whore! – San, do you have a flashlight on the burn?

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Shine it inside! – Here it flows.
– Yes, she is also a virgin! Here’s a whore! Anya listened to the “compliments” without turning around, obviously enjoying such a humiliating situation.
And I have already begun to bother such a tightened monotony.
– Anya, get into the fountain and wake up.
You will not hurt, and the guys in joy.
– Yes, yes, wash for us, virgin! The girls from the crowd mostly judgingly looked at what was happening (but still they looked), someone bashfully, blushing, looked away, covered his face with his hands.
But one couple deserved special attention.
The guy was hugging his white-haired girl from behind, with a sundress pulled up with one hand, and with the other he was massaging his pussy with his translucent black underwear.
The blonde, who was no more than eighteen, did not take her eyes off my companion, making timid attempts to resist the harassment of her boyfriend, nevertheless spread her legs.

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The caretaker, meanwhile, had already pulled her panties off her panty and slowly fucked her pussy with her fingers.
I could not intervene in such a process: – My friend, she is so uncomfortable.
Come to the fountain.
Let her lean on board.
All the attention of the crowd, which contemplated my girl, that she slightly sat down, spreading her legs wider, shamelessly washed away in the fountain, switched to the new heroes of the plot.
The blonde, embarrassed by such attention, pressed her back into her boyfriend, trying to cover her shame with her hands.
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