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At that moment, Natsumi began to make light, barely audible moans.
I wanted to enter it right now, but at the same time I did not want to leave it without oral sex.
My Japanese sweetheart’s pussy was wet.

I just added moisture to my tongue.
After a moment, I felt Natsumi start to pinch my head with her legs.
I, in turn, realizing that she was well, began to bite sexual lips.
It would be logical to let this sakura petal caress my dick so that I too would enjoy, but I could not wait to enter it.
My main dream and fantasy of the past six months is to visit Natsumi.
Feel yourself inside her.
I sat up, took off my shirt and quickly pulled off my pants.
Natsumi looked at me, anticipating a quick sex.
She was probably waiting for this just like me.
I pulled my pants down to my knees and immediately fell on top of Natsumi.

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Before inserting my dick into her bosom, I kissed her several times on the lips, neck and chest.
Only then I took my dick and sent it between the vaginal lips of the vagina, which so beckoned me all this time.
Just pushing the head, I already got pleasure from which it was possible to die.
I was scared that if I thrust a member completely, then I would finish and disgrace myself, but there was no choice.
I pushed my dick deeper.
Natsumi closed her eyes to the pleasure.
Japanese erotic production of “Kyoto – the city of love” has begun.
I began to make progress, enjoying every friction that I did.
At the same time, I stroked Natsumi’s delicate milk chest with my right hand, pulling her hardened nipple.
After a few seconds, Natsumi let out a couple of groans, and immediately covered her mouth with her hand.

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Of course! Indeed, in the house were her parents, strict Japanese training.
It is unlikely that her father would come running with a gun to the room, but then we would be embarrassed.
With her eyes closed, Natsumi bit her palm with each new friction.
And I was so happy, engaging in love with the girl of my dreams, that I could hardly restrain myself not to scream.
I still love this pleasure from sex with the girl of my dreams that I could hardly restrain myself not to scream.
never received.
I sharply wanted a risk and I grabbed Natsumi’s hand, with which she covered her mouth.
Immediately I heard groans.
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