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From what she saw Sarah almost fainted, Lisa stood in the doorway, she was holding a device in her hand.
Lisa immediately took Sarah in her arms and, like a small child, raised above her head, hugging, she lowered her to the floor and looked at Marina, who was holding the mutant.
“I told you she would cut your eggs, but you didn’t believe,” said Lisa with a smile.

The mutant understood that they took him literally by the balls and asked: “What do you want? We came for her,” Marina said, pointing at Sarah.
Meanwhile, Liza came up behind the thug and tied his hands behind his back, a twig from a lattice.
Marina, at last, could let go of a sluggish member.
They sealed his mouth with Marina’s things and headed towards the exit, but suddenly Sarah said: “There’s another prisoner, I won’t leave without her.”
“We won’t be able to save everyone,” Lisa said emphatically.
“Just one person, please,” Sarah pleaded.
“So, okay, Lisa guard this freak, and we’ll be right back,” said Marina, and she and Sarah ran to the side where the trash brought the girl.
“Come on, lively,” Lisa called to them.
When Marina and Sarah came to the room with the cells, they saw how Olesya had two mutants.
She was already unconscious, but the mutants did not let up, they fucked her in turn, not noticing that she had ceased to resist.
Marina, without delay, tore the lattice door from its hinges; the mutants, seeing a mutant woman of much larger size than they were scared and threw the girl on the floor.
She went into the cage, grabbed their heads, hit them hard against

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the wall, both mutants fell to the floor unconscious.
Sara ran to Olesya and tried to bring her to her senses.
“Once a friend,” grabbed both, the girls in two hands said Marina.
A mutant woman ran with two girls armpits, holding them like dolls.
Leaving several tens of meters behind, they found themselves in a room with Liza and a bound thug.

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Lisa, meanwhile, somewhere found a machine gun.
– Well, are you ready? – Lisa said, raising up a huge gun.
– Where did you find the machine gun? – Marina asked cheerfully.
Lisa went up to the bully and said: “This will be our little secret, yes, my sweet,” she said and kissed his forehead.
– Well, you give my sister, – Marina smiled.
“Let’s put her on the table,” Sarah said, pointing to Olesya in the arms of a large woman.
Marina put Olesya on the table, she was unconscious.
“Olesya, wake up, we have to go,” Sarah said, trying to revive her.
“Nothing will come of it,” the bully croaked.
Sarah looked questioningly at the Thunder, then at Marina.
“So, listen here,” Lisa showed him the device that she had been holding in her hand all the time, “this thing can lift your whole establishment, so now tell me how to get out of here or we all fly to the creator,” Lisa was very resolute.
“Well, there is an underground passage here, you can leave,” said the thug.
Sarah tried to wake Olesya, but her efforts were in vain, Lisa came up to them, and accidentally touched the lever on the table, and the tank with water tipped over them, pouring over all three.
“Damn it,” Lisa swore and took Olesya in her hands.
– Everything, we leave girls! – Marina yelled, and everyone ran to the exit, leaving the burglar tied up and disgraced
It happened in the shuttle.
They, a brave trinity, managed to escape from imminent death by catapulting at the very last moment when their spacecraft, sent on a research mission to the planet Prometheus-5, collided with an unknown object that was launched from the planet itself.
“Yes, we were shot down,” Susie April shouted, still recovering from the horror she had suffered, “It’s just terrible, now we are doomed, left alone for many light years from Earth!” – “Calm down!” – Fred, the captain of the former ship “Galaxy” – “After all, we are still alive, until all is lost.”
The captain was intimidating, but at the same time this powerful man didn’t like to think much, therefore he expressed his final decision without delay.
– “Girls, I made a decision.
I think we need good fun before dying! Listen to my order: fuck me to death, I want to die during an orgasm.
And you.
as you wish.
I do not care! Fulfill an order from the commander! ”Shouted Captain Fred, simultaneously throwing off his shirt and trousers.
Remaining in the same captain’s cap and socks, he watched with affection as the girls who survived, according to his will, laid bare their bodies.
He deliberately, foreseeing the sad outcome, took them, the most beautiful and attractive ones, to the shuttle, because the seats in the shuttle were designed for just three people. Sex caught on spy cam.

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