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What it is? – said Nadia, what am I going to soar in your underpants? I had nothing to say to her.
My wet pants flew into the basket after the rest of the clothes.
Nadia grabbed the basket with my clothes and told me to prepare, ran away somewhere.

It was hot in the steam room, I climbed onto the top shelf and warmed up thoroughly.
Five minutes later, the door of the steam room opened and Nadya appeared on the threshold.
How gorgeous she is, I thought.
The beautiful features of her body were so good that I lost the sense of time and space.
Nadya took the dipper “give in”, scooped hot water into it and splashed it on the stove.
Hot steam swept the whole steam room, for some moment my breath was tight with heat and I plopped down on the shelf with my stomach.
Two birch brooms previously “brewed” in hot water, in her hands, quickly began to fall on my back and legs.
From a sharp temperature drop, my head was spinning and only the sensation of hot steam mixed with birch aroma of brooms remained in my mind.
Nadya stopped and added another pair, from which I screamed: “Nadya’s enough, I’ll make it right now.”
She quickly walked with brooms on my back, periodically pressing them to my body, which gave an additional heat effect.
After another pressing of brooms, she came close to my ear and said: “Yurich do not be afraid, everything is under control.”
Nadia cooled the brooms in a basin with cold water, and gently began to rub them with my fraying body.
I felt relief and tried to rise, but the dizziness from a sharp rise from the shelf had a deadly effect on me, and only strong Nadyushin’s hands gently caught me and directed me to the exit from the steam room. Sex webcam xhamster.

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