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Then she fell silent, and we called her time, about every ten minutes.
At the fifty-second minute, Anya asked her to squeeze her sphincter, because she herself could no longer control her muscles.
Larisa complied with her request, but at the same time she pressed her stomach insidiously.

Anya screamed in pain and begged her not to do it anymore.
At the sixtieth minute, she began to scream from the unbearable pain in the stomach.
With her hail rolled sweat, and his hands clenched into fists so tightly that from under the nails droplets of blood appeared.
Mulatto was already at the limit.
After seventy minutes, I noticed how small droplets of urine seep between her convulsively quivering genital sponges and flow down.
Seeing that Anya kept her footing and wanting to reward her efforts, I told her that the rules were changing slightly and she would measure as many blows as she would not tolerate until the end of the allotted period.
She remained a little less than fifty, and Anya, according to a nod, somehow miraculously managed to keep the jet bursting out.
Meanwhile, the treacherous Larisa opened the toilet door in the corridor wide open and turned on the water, which with its loud murmur brought our victim to white heat.

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She rushed about, convulsively squeezing the weakened muscles of the sphincter, knowing full well how painful the second whipping would be.
But this could not continue for a long time, and at seventy-fifth she warned me that she had to be taken to the toilet immediately.
We rushed to untie her.
Anne begged us to hurry, her magnificent body shook sobs, and from under the black bandage rolled large tears.
Having doubled over and holding one hand between her legs, she ran to the toilet, followed by Larisa.
Riding the toilet, she moaned intolerable bliss, and we heard a powerful jet blink, finally finding a way out of her bladder bursting with tension.
Anya was discharged for more than a minute, announcing the room with loud moans, swaying from side to side and stroking her hands over her stomach.
Taking advantage of the moment, Larisa forced her to take a shower, washed away the bruises from her body and brought her back to the bedroom.
I tied it back up to our rack and locked it in a comfortable position.
She had to take forty-five blows, and Larisa asked to entrust it to her.
I did not mind.
My wife rejected the whip and chose from

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my entire arsenal a long black twisted whip, with which I often protected her own body.
Having asked me to shoot better everything that happens, she moved closer to Anya and ran a whip all over her body from top to bottom, from the back of her head to her feet, allowing her to feel the power of the terrible instrument.
Then she shrugged her shoulders and the robe fell to her legs, revealing to her gaze her amazing gymnast body. Video sex camera hidden.

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