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Especially brightly there is a picture in front of closed eyes, like a man, burying his naked woman between her legs, gently caresses her with her tongue.
My breathing quickens.

Orgasm comes quickly.
I feel the muscles of the vagina shrink involuntarily several times and the pleasure waves spread throughout the body.
But I understand that this is not enough, my body requires a man and in confirmation of this night, erotic dreams are once again dreaming again! This can not continue! I have never cheated on my husband, but I have no strength left to endure such flour! Who thinks that sex is not so important for women is deeply mistaken.
We also need sex as well as men, and from its lack of right on the wall I want to climb! All is decided! It is necessary to find a person who would understand me, whom I could trust, and who would need nothing from me except sex.
Not so long ago at work was replaced by the head.
Ours went on vacation, and this little man was temporarily set as a substitute.
We have long been acquainted with him.
I can even say we are good friends with him.
And then he suddenly became my boss.
His duties were to conduct and write down instructions to me every morning, so we began to see him often! I decided that he was a good candidate for lovers.

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And it feels like he likes me.
As a person definitely, but as a woman, the question.
I decided to act.
Like, talking on Skype, I told him that I would be bored when our boss returned from vacation.
The next morning, he came as usual to sign for the instruction, and I suddenly felt a slight smell of perfume from him.
Yeah, perfumed! Prior to this, this was not observed.
In general, our men never used perfume at work, because here there is practically a male team, so the smell of sweat was more familiar and was the norm, and then suddenly – perfume! Corporate party.
Vodka flows like water, our men work and drink the masters! The husband is ready.
I forgot to say that we work at the same enterprise.
He bent his head on the table, it seems asleep.
I go outside to get some fresh air.
The coolness of the night shrouded me and refreshed me.
I did not drink because I was driving.
You also need to take your drunkard home.
This sad thought brought tears to her eyes.
Suddenly I noticed HIS, the object of my desires, near my car.
He smoked and looked thoughtfully at the sky.
I headed straight for him.
Stars count? – smiled at him.
He carefully looked at my face.
Or now or never, I decided.
She stood on tiptoe and touched his cheek with trembling lips.
Cuddled all over, inhaling its aroma.
I closed my eyes, hoping that he would continue, but after a couple of seconds I realized that there was no continuation! The bitterness of disappointment squeezed her throat and did not allow me to say a word in order to somehow get out of an awkward situation.
The question is, why kissed! I went home – Through the dense fog in my head I heard.
The car started up and blinking headlights, he drove away.
Carefully watering my pussy in

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the bath, I mentally addressed him: here is a fool, if I knew what a hungry woman is waiting for you! Video sex hot online.

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