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He suddenly became again the duke Verlaine, as he always was – cold-blooded, impenetrable, flawless, impregnable even to the queen.
Zipping up the last button on his dandy vest and putting on a magnificent tail coat, he again approached the queen’s bed, bowed his knee and kissed her trembling hand.
– I will wait for you as usual in the library at four o’clock, Your Majesty.

Chantal nodded mechanically and almost burst into tears when the duke left the chambers, leaving her alone with her retinue.
But what is it? What did she dare to allow ?! How could she ?! She was crowned the famous Blood Moon just a couple of weeks ago.

Not many were given this honor, and all with dignity carried their proud title to her.
Valaringia flourished, grew stronger, causing fear and envy among neighbors.
But Chantal herself seems to have trampled her greatest title in the mud in just a couple of hours! She let herself be used as some kind of pathetic maid! Who will read it now? Who will serve the fallen queen? Oh, vile Verlaine!

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Why did she allow him new liberties ?! In every face she now saw contempt, ridicule, and gloating! The worst thing was that she only now realized that the duke, perhaps, deprived her of virginity.
She herself had very vague ideas about how all this should happen, that is why she suddenly remembered all his obscene and dangerous caresses.
Lord, what was she thinking about ?! In his presence, she loses her mind, self-control, strength, and he uses it as he pleases! He plays with her, mocks her! And he deliberately seduced her with his caresses so that all prudence would disappear from her head! In addition, she could not even imagine that he would leave her in such a way, without explaining about his intentions and giving their relationship to publicity.
Alexander xxl bongacams.

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