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Each of them, pinkish at the base, where it touches the edge of the model sole, is able to bring it to ecstasy, showing itself from a height of a fifteen-centimeter heel.
Especially that place, that gap between the heel and the sole.
I want to be there next to her legs, stick my tongue into this gap.

Will it baptize? Well, let! So even better! If only to try the sweat from her leg, which is surely formed there – it’s hot in the street! My feet in my sneakers began to sweat — it was just a stench and nothing more, and her sweat — nectar, divine moisture — would drink her to the end of centuries.
Another leather ribbon, connecting to the back of the last one I described, covers the insidious and delicate loop of her ankle, converging in front and slightly on the side on a small silver buckle.

Wow! Did you feel that too? That’s it, that’s what I’m talking about.
What kind of pleasure Tatyana feels when she feels such a divine frame on her legs is the perfection of lines.
What you do not tell me, but can not be that women did not like it!

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Not one man in the world is worth it to suffer for days on end in cramped and ultimately not very comfortable heel shoes.
But women are doing just that.
Who and when invented the studs, who doomed a woman to wear these pointe shoes on props – I don’t know, but since then hundreds of millions of women follow this unwritten law.
And, of course, suffer with this pain.
Yes, look around in the same bus or subway.
You see, next to you is a woman in high heel shoes.
All day they squandered.
Do you think how she feels? Try to wear shoes two or three sizes smaller than yours – understand.
They must love it – otherwise they simply could not bear it.
This pain should be sweet for them – at least for some of the most feminine of women.
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