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This is said by the wife that the same guy had just fucked, and in front of her husband – I mocked her.
Tanya ridiculously wrinkled her nose: And we, too, are perverts.
Feeling the incredible excitement of such a crazy night and the piquancy of the situation, I climbed my wife.

She quietly laughed, hugged me and spread her legs.
My dick easily slid into her wet, well-oiled vagina with someone else’s sperm.
I began to fuck Tanya, trying to enter it as deeply.
Wife, not hesitating, whispered in my ear: Dear, do not try to make me pleased.
After him, I do not really feel you.
Cum yourself without me, I’ll wait.
I do not know why, but these generally offensive words for every man inflamed me even more.
The night hotel sounded like the rhythm of creaking beds and the pectoral feminine moans of pleasure.
The shroud of erotic ecstasy suddenly broke off a sharp doorbell.
I stopped fucking Tanya, remaining a member in her pussy.
We listened.
The call was repeated, but in the next room the moans did not subside: they continued to have sex violently there.
I wonder who it brought at night? – asked wife.
Go look – I joked.
Tanya smiled: Straight so goodyak and go? I imagined this picture: my naked wife, disguised as a hotel employee, opens the door to unfamiliar visitors, cutely slamming her eyes and, as if nothing had happened, asked, “what are you willing?”.
From this I wound up even more.
Why? weak? you yourself said: tomorrow we will leave here and no one will ever see us here anymore.
Tanya looked into my eyes.
In the reflection of her burning gaze, I saw mischievous raging devils.
She gently pushed me in the side: Well, then get up with me! why are you sprawled ?! I came out of her pussy and fell on the bed, freeing her from the arms.

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My wife stood up, gracefully, like a cat, stretched out, raising her arms upwards, from which her breasts erotically stirred up, turned her back on me, once again threw a playful look over my shoulder and wagging her hips.
went out into the corridor.
The third bell rang.
Silence fell

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in the next room.
I listened.
The front door creaked.
Goodnight! I am glad to welcome you in our hotel! – the voice of his wife was official.
excuse me.
excuse me, for the sake of all the saints – a hoarse male voice was heard – I am to Roman.
did not think it.
did not want to disturb you.
Roman is busy now.
Maybe I can help you with something? Not.
I mean yes.
We are looking for Mary to the whole village.
I wondered if she had appeared here lately? Not.
No Mary is here.
Only me, Roman and.
his mother.
Mama? Well yes.
She is sleeping.
Honey, Roman’s mother died long ago.
an incurable disease, a generally sad story.
Well, I’m glad he finally got a girlfriend.
I dare not detain you anymore.
The front door creaked.
org) At the same time, someone quietly closed the door to the room where I was lying and twisted the lock sharply twice.
I found myself locked up.
Then someone walked along the corridor.
In the shower again the water rustled.
Tanya! – a chest female voice called out my wife from there – come here, please! I want to see you.
A chill ran down my back.
At that moment I felt danger with all my senses.
Stop, Tanya! do not go – what is urine yelled I – open me, I’m locked up !!! I jumped out of bed and banged on the door.
I’m coming.
Mom – my wife’s voice was courteous.
Not! Open me first! In the shower I heard a romp.
Suddenly the nighttime weather tore my wife’s heart-rending rattle.
It was as if she was choking and lacking air.
I was like a madman with all my strength pushed on the door, but she did not move.
The front door creaked: Excuse me again.
I forgot my hat.
HELP!!! – what have you been? I screamed.
Lord, what is going on here? – heard already familiar hoarse male voice.
When the door of the room opened, I saw in front of me a fat man with a gray stone face.
There was horror in his eyes.
I rushed into the shower.
Roman sobbed in the corner, huddling there like a kitten.
For some reason, he was wearing a women’s robe.
My wife lay face up on the tile, her unblinking gaze fixed on the ceiling.
There was a kind of rope around her neck.
I rushed to her knees in front of her.
Tanya! Tanya! wake up everything is already fine, I am near.
She was dead.
With shaking hands, I picked up a small, lifeless body. Bongo 888 sex live 15.

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