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he spoke softly.
got caught? Nobody can hurt us here.
and with these words he wrapped his hands around me with his hands with one hand and stroked my hip and ass, and immediately put my other hand into my pants, stroked my dick over my panties and immediately impudently penetrated my panties.

it was inexpressible.
I almost groaned:: I finally got what I had been waiting for so long, my naked hot dick was caressing and jerking off the impudent fingers of my friend.
I completely surrendered to the wave of pleasure and bliss that surged upon me.
it was so sweet.
Igor’s excited cock rested against my ass from behind, and his fingers passionately jerked off and stroked my pussy weary of wanting to caress.
but suddenly some of our guys started calling out to everyone that the whole game was over and that everyone would come out, we hid, Igor grabbed my cock more firmly, said in a whisper in your ear that you need to hide away into the woods and gently led me deeper into the woods while not releasing my dick from his palm.
he pulled me into the thicket of the forest holding the dick as if he was driving his dog on a string, so we found ourselves in an even more secluded corner of the forest and even the voices of our comrades were hardly heard, they called us somewhere far away, but we didn’t before that, a friend pulled off my tights and panties, dropping them below the knees, I felt like a calf with tangled legs, Igor began to sweetly jerk my dick, stroke it: ironing my testicles was magical.
I could not resist and let off his leotard and pants and reaching his excited member, began stroking and jerking him too, we caress each other’s excited sticks, we moaned with pleasure, we waited for this minute of solitude and first intimacy.
A surging wave of bliss and lust covered us headlong.
we did not realize how long this pleasure lasted and ended up in each other’s palms almost simultaneously.

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I felt such a strong orgasm, and then relaxation and shock.
What was that? How are we going to look each other in the eyes now? How will we communicate? We returned in silence, did not even talk, the comrades said they got a little lost, they seemed to believe.
Then for some time they didn’t even meet, and then they talked again as before and sometimes also indulged in private.
but so far only they were jerking off and caressing each other’s hands: none of us dared to blow job, although these sensations from mutual masturbation were enough with our head: we even went so far as to say once in front of our third friend, being with him in the apartment, Igor unzipped my pants, climbed into my pants when the three of us watched TV and started jerking off with me and jerking off until I sweetly finished right in his hand, our third friend was shocked by what I saw said nothing to us or our other friends, pretended that did not notice anything.
These are the memories of youth.
Maybe someone had something similar, write, I will be very happy to talk.
post office.
– Hulja in the evening? Let’s do now.
– putting his hand in his pocket – pressing a tight member to his leg so that he would not raise his shorts with a frank stake, Sanya rises resolutely.
– What should we wait for in the evening? And generally speaking.
why should we put off for the evening what we can easily do in the morning, he laughs quietly.
– Let’s go to.
– What do you want to give in the ass? – I look at Sanya, squinting.
“Don’t you want this?” – Sanya, smiles.
He stands in front of me, his hands deep in his shorts’ pockets, and in his eyes, fixed on me, energetic desire melts.
“don’t you want it?” he asks; a question, what is called, on the forehead, and – if Sanya was a little more patient, he would ask the

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Jesuit to wait for an answer, but Sana couldn’t wait – and he, moving his hands in the pockets of his shorts, immediately adds: – Vlad, well, everything.
what the fuck are you like? Come on, fuck! By razik.
– “Fuck”, “fuck”.
got fucking! – The word “fucking” I say, clearly mimicking Sanya, but he does not pay any attention to it, and I do.
as if automatically putting my hand into the pocket of my shorts, I silently – meekly! – get up.
My dick sweetly whines, and I unnoticeably – with weary delight – finally squeeze, squeeze it with my palm.
– Bah! I went to Sana’a, – I shout, warning grandma that I am leaving.
“Go,” a woman’s voice comes from the depths of the courtyard, from behind the trees; you can hear her rattling pans – washing dishes.
– It would be so long.
– laughs Sanya, and his face expresses a feeling of undisguised anticipation.
– Oh, fuck. Celebrity sex tape movie watch online.

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