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During the months that I communicated with them, I even managed to love them to some extent.
We even did not exchange photos.
They said if I stand the test of time and I still want to meet, you will know and see everything.

I was told to finish the second course and on vacation, and a meeting would occur.
I counted the days until the end of my studies.
And so I was assigned a day.
I was all thrilled with excitement.
I was told to come to a certain address.
The door will not be locked.
Log in and undress in the hallway to the arches in which I was supposed to come without wearing underwear and shoes, always in high heels.
and go to the gym.
And here I am standing near the very door and shaking.
It was crazy to go alone I don’t know where to meet, not knowing with whom.
But it seemed to me that I knew them so well that I gathered my courage and pushed the front door.
In the hallway, as stated in the letter, there was a chair on which I was supposed to hang up my simple clothes.
The apartment was quiet.
I began to undress with shaking hands, and in my head I was spinning can spit on everything and run away from here.
But my hands continued to unbutton the buttons in me struggling arousal fear curiosity.
And here I am standing in the hallway naked and can not move.
Mist in the head.
And then I remember the words that the master said to me (if you want to become a slave, learn not to think but to follow orders.
You and your body do not belong to you, you belong to the master and exist only for the pleasure of the master.
) and I entered the hall.
When I saw him I almost fainted.
My father was sitting on the couch.
My legs began to weaken and I automatically began to move backwards.
But it was not all I really started to weaken when I heard my mother’s voice behind my back.
– Go to the center and on your knees, hands behind your head.

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I grabbed the air with my mouth trying to say something, but inarticulate sounds flew out of my mouth.
Until I heard from my mother an order to shut up and weighty slap on the ass.
And I walked to the center like in a fog on cotton feet and knelt down.
And then I heard my father’s voice.
– Hands behind the head, back exactly, eyes on the floor.
From this bottom your life will change.
Now we are for you Mr. and Mrs. and it does not matter that we are your father and mother.
We’ve been following you since we noticed that you’ve stayed up late at the computer.
We missed that moment a little when you went deep into the topic of BDSM.
We thought well, you would fantasize and cool, but when you started looking for a master, we could not stand aside.
If we had forbidden this to you, nothing would have changed and you would have found a way to get around our ban.
But they couldn’t give a pervert to any mercy either, so after consulting they decided that we would be your masters.
You all understand what I said.
There was fog in my head, I could not collect thoughts, I would even say more words flew in my head, blood spurted in my temples, and this caused a noise in my ears.
There was a pause, the father no longer spoke, and I continued to kneel in prostration.
And suddenly I felt a push in the back.
I instinctively put my hands in front and it turned out that I was standing almost on all fours.
Behind my hands lifted my ass.
And suddenly, like fire, it burned my buttock, then another.
And I felt that the fog that was in my head began to dissipate and I began to hear, and what was important and to understand what they were saying to me.
I heard my mother’s voice.
– Bend your back, stronger. Then I felt a couple of weighty slaps and pressure on my back forcing me to bend, as I felt to the point of my ability.
– Feet wider.
I will evaporate you now to clear your

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head and you will find out what awaits you.
Semi do not change violate the punishment will start from the beginning.
if you understand nods.
I nodded.
Mom stepped over me and squeezed me in the area of ??the bend of my back.
and it turned out that I caved in even more without the possibility of unbending.
My father handed my mum a belt and she folded it in two and then began to smack me then one by one with her friend’s buttock.
But it turned out that this was not the worst thing, when my mother dispersed, she began to miss, and the belt fell with all her strength on my pyshchik, which was carefully shaved for today.
The pain was insane, my entire crotch was burning, but the most painful thing was that the belt was falling so hard that it washed my lips and hit the clitoris with all the force.
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