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In the management I was met by a cute secretary blond Ninka.
Her chest, bursting blouse, seemed about to jump out.
The mini-skirt gaped at the side, through which the blue panties “semaphore”.

The nose smelled expensive perfume.
LTD! We have a dear guest! – the secretary began to fuss, took me by the arm and led me to the commander’s office.
There, in the adjacent rest room, the table was already laid for four.
Vodka, brandy, champagne interspersed with snacks indicated that the inspector was waited and well prepared during the working hours.
– I began, but Ninka, smacking me on the cheek, said: Sorry.
Already a lunch break.
Why are you our inspecting fool! – deliberately angrily pinned on the secretary who entered.
He’s so cute, not kissed, she sang.
Where is he kissing.
In their department, some old grymzy sit, not like ours, ”said the chief accountant, who entered after Polenko, who looks like a beauty – a gypsy.
Polenko did not have time to establish himself in a new position, when some young men appeared in the warehouse management.
Ninka was at the table, the rest sat down.
Glavbukhgsha sat next to the head, Ninka – with me.
Women, chirping and winking at each other, put snack on the plates.
Polenko as a hospitable host poured alcohol.
Fi! Champagne.
This is a cow piss! “I also want brandy,” Ninka, who had gone on strike, wrinkled her nose.
And I! – held out a glass of “gypsy.”
“I don’t seem to have introduced myself.”
Although I am not a queen, but I am also Tamara, ”she shot at me with her black, witchcraft eyes that sparkled from under a thin eyebrow.

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Polenko picked up the internal phone and called the duty officer on the part.
Make sure no dog breaks through to me until the end of the day.
I work with the verifier.
Well, boys, for you! – raised a glass of Nink.
We stood up with glasses in our hands, bowed stiffly, drank in silence.
Immediately earned jaws.
After the third glass, Nina, flushed red, threw a graceful leg on my knee, and wrapped her neck around me with a fine-grained handle, frankly climbed to kiss.
What a beautiful leg, – I put my hand on her knee.
This is – flowers.
You haven’t seen any berries yet, ”Ninka replied snooty.
Can I see? – I pooled myself. If the boss resolves, – that look at Victor threw and giggled into the glass of Valya, – Polenko answered, running his hand under the skull of the chief accountant.
She shuddered, tensed, but silently missed her hand.
She immediately oiled eyes.
Nina tried to raise her mini-skirt higher, but she could not do anything.
I’ll take it off completely to hell, interferes, – she jumped and began to unbutton her skirt.
She has something stuck, and she turned to me: Come on help

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, gentleman.
I tugged at the belt, something snapped, and the skirt fell at her feet.
Well done.
This is what a military man means.
He has no time to mess around, – the chief accountant laughed.
Ninka threw off her blouse and remained in a pink bra and blue swimming trunks.
Now she looked much more profitable than Tamara.
She, jealously bumming her eyes on the half-naked figure of the secretary, also began to undress.
Soon, her body remained only red bra and the same color of melting.
Her dark figure looked like a sportswoman’s body, cut by two bright red lines.
Cool – Nink gasped in surprise.
– And where are you so pribarahlilas? Yes, yes.
On the “cloud” bought on the occasion.
– Tamara answered evasively.
Now you really have something to see, – Polenko slammed the chief accountant drunkenly on the miniature cheekbone.
Let’s drink to love! – she raised a wine glass with champagne, once again sitting on the knees of the chief. Live jasmin cam old version.

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