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Yes, and he makes me happy with his attention no more than once every two or three weeks.
– And the blowjob? – So without this, he does not get up at all! So he taught me all the intricacies of this technique.
“So why do you live with him?” Divorce

– We have a small child – daughter.
You did not know? I got pregnant quite unexpectedly a month after the wedding.

He loves her very much and takes care of us with her.
And he is not greedy.
“God, I still haven’t recovered from your caresses,” she continued, without any transition that is typical of any woman.
“I had no idea what could be so wonderful!” – and she, clinging to me, again gave me her magic kiss, while at the same time trying to find her dearly favorite pet.
My heart again began to flutter sweetly, and fresh blood slowly began to fill the cavernous bodies of my “boyfriend.”
And at this very moment we heard the floor below the voices of our friends who were looking for us.
With an annoying sigh, we quickly put ourselves in order and reluctantly began to go down.

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Having quarreled with her husband, Marina suggested that her friend Sveta go to a disco.
Passing into a dark room, they settled at the bar, loudly playing music.
Time ran fast enough, pleasant dance music, dancing, delicious cocktails, accompanied by jokes and laughter.
After some time, Marina went to the restroom, and when she returned with Sveta, two young men were talking, with a rather attractive appearance.
Andrei and Sasha, they introduced themselves.
Dancing, cocktails and laughter continued in the larger group, but the guys did nothing extra.
Marina saw that Sveta was already very drunk and was about to go home and, asking the district, the guys offered to let them down, t.
it was almost on the road.
Before leaving, the company ordered another cocktail and it seemed to Marina that it tasted a bit strange, but the guys assured her that everything was ok.
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