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The culmination of the play is near.
I turned my eyes to those present and when I noticed that most of them were looking attentively, slowly slowly began to remove the hand from the tiefling buttock, exposing it to the public, and when all attention was turned to her, I abruptly removed my arm and, clutching at the edge of my skirt , sharply pulled him over, leaving everyone on display the delights of my slave.
This caused a real explosion.

Began a stir.
Someone began to close their eyes to someone, and someone especially attentive received a slap as a reward.
One of the girls sitting next to Asgar puffed out her cheeks and covered her mouth with her hand and ran out of the hall towards the exit, and Asgar himself ran after her.
The rector was ready to ruin the ground in the place where he was sitting.
Morna was sitting with a serious face listening to the rector’s angry speech, stroking her ear with her thumb extended, clearly making it so that I would see.
When the wine ended up splashing in our mouths, mostly descending into our bellies in the wake of the meat, we stopped kissing.
I admired looked at Ross.
She looked at me, not looking up, eyes sparkling with joy.
The rest of the wine flowed on her chin, licked by which she showed me another demon sign in the form of a long forked tongue like a snake.
You are my sweet – I said, licked my lips – who taught you to kiss like that? Mistress – she answered happily.
Interesting – I said surprised – And what else did she teach you? Ross grabbed me by the neck and pulled me closer, said in my ear: I’ll show you tonight, if I may.

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With pleasure – I answered happily, kissing her on the cheek – yes you are beautiful and drunk, I look.
I do not know – giggling, she replied, with a shrug – I had never tried alcohol before.
The hostess did not allow me to drink with her guests.
But now I feel as good as I never had before.
Well then, let’s not spoil the holiday on the people.
Good boss.
Rossa got off me, picked up a bottle of wine that was not finished, and we went across the stage towards the exit, having stopped in the middle.
Making a gesture to the orchestra, I addressed the guests: Enjoy your evening gentlemen.
If you need my services, you know where to look for me.
Price list weighs on the door.
Good night everybody.
Until the morning, please do not disturb.
A curtain.
– Yes, this is Pinocchio! Real Pinocchio – Pierrot shouted happily and somehow ridiculously ran up to the strapon and embraced him in a friendly way.
At the same time, he stung out his ass so strongly and strongly bent in the back.
It is not clear how the Harlequin appeared on the scene.
He probably heard Pierrot screaming.
Without hesitation, he ran up to Pierrot, raised his shirt and repeated the same scene as before.
Moreover, the Harlequin moved his hips so fast, imitating movements during intercourse, that he did not notice the new character.
Malvina was at

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a loss, but apparently, the memorization of the action and the desire not to break the outline of the play made her continue the action.
She ceremoniously and stately went to Piero, and, embracing Pinocchio, once again joined the mouth of Piero.
The public did not understand what happened.
Whether this was intended, or something incredible happened.
Only Josephine looked at the stage stupidly and evil.
Naturally, she wanted to return her thing, but also did not want to recognize herself as the owner of such an item in public.
But the situation suddenly took an unexpected turn.
Strap-on somehow absurdly bent and jumped out of the hands of Pierrot. Masters of sex watch online season 4.

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