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This exchange of views goes on the background of my passionate sighs, groans and fierce work of the lower abdomen and booty: The last remark, however, leads to a short-term change in the situation.
As you understand, I have to push Jacob into another hole.
Family is silent.

Jacob voluptuously puffs my efforts, and uncle: Lord, he again took

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out his hose and, looking at us, frantically fingering.
And puffs like his nephew.
And I, it seems, will fly again now, far, far away.
Here, here, oh-oh-oh-oh! And at this time they move me to the floor and, just like this, with two normal and one blue, my face, mouth, chest, shoulders irrigate the seed of Uncle and Jacob.
I try to swallow to the maximum, then I carefully lick the genitals of both my employers, I help to dress and warmly say goodbye.
Yes, this is a visit !!! I bring myself in order and running to the shop window, interesting today is a day, it’s a sin to lose chances to make it even more interesting.
It’s getting dark.
Another couple of hours – and the guards come to the cashier to take pictures.
Lanterns are lit, windows in the houses behind the canal and portholes in the sides of the ships.
Beautiful: The old woman is still sitting on the bench: She closed the book, got up, wandered.

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Yes, she is to me! What’s that? Whoever did not have me as a prostitute, and a dwarf, and a paralytic, and youngsters minors, and my students and head of the department, even my ex-husband.
And now turn came to this Tortilla? – Hello, dear! – Hello, Madame: – Call me just Margo and do not worry, I brought you coffee and hamburgers – after all, you probably didn’t hold anything except the cocks in your mouth all day? – I am stretched a voluminous package and a thermos.
And here I feel downright wolf hunger.
And really, I have a specific feeding today: Margo guessed quite accurately.
– Thank you very much, but: why? – Honey, I, too, was once young and stood in the window.
And elderly too.
It began in 1941 in Singapore in a brothel for Japs.
The British surrendered Singapore, and for us – Dutch women, Englishwomen, American women – they came up with such labor service.
Who refused – did not beg.
In my presence, one such proud officer who spoke about our future simply blew his head off with his sword.
And the other one, who refused anal sex, had a liver cut out before our eyes.
And ate.
The Japanese call it Kimotori.
Therefore, I was a very, very obedient girl and a very, very dirty whore.
And when the Americans released us, I didn’t change jobs.
I liked: – Me too: Yes, my name is Lotta! – Yes, yes of course, I see.
Only it seems to me that you have another name.
Or a few: Are you a matryoshka? – You are so shrewd: Last I almost mumble, biting my ears into a hamburger.
God, how delicious.
And in time.
But does the granny check me for lice? I’ll make out right now, I’ll post everything about myself, and she will teach the owners about my outpourings: After all, they beat me: I heard about such checks.
– Do not worry, – Margo, like a witch, guesses my thoughts – I will not talk about you and I will not even ask any more unnecessary questions.
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